Brandon Good’s Notorious ‘King of Coastal Highway’ ’80 Malibu

Brandon Good’s notorious 1980 Chevy Malibu was dubbed the “King of Coastal Highway” for its infamous block-long burnout in May of this year at Ocean City, Maryland’s Cruise Week. The impressive stunt gained Brandon particular attention from the local police.

“They were harassing me earlier that day…I was definitely on the watch list. So later on I said, ‘f*** it.’ As soon as I did that burnout, the cops were all over the place and all my buddies hit me up and said the police were sitting next to the trailer at the hotel waiting for me to come back. I’ve been going there for about a decade…they know who I am and they know where I stay,” Brandon says.

This wild Malibu hardly needs to do a burnout to get attention. As soon as Brandon fires the engine it can be heard from quite a distance away, and if the blower surge doesn’t grab your attention, something about this car will. The slick-black paint and shiny injector hat sticking up in the air contrast nicely, and the car’s stance is perfect, sitting down nice and low with a set of 315 Mickey Thompson drag radials tucked up into the wheel wells.

For power, Brandon went with a Dart block 565 cubic-inch big-block Chevrolet with an 8:71 billet supercharger, Enderle mechanical fuel injection, Reher-Morrison cylinder heads, and a .714-inch lift solid roller camshaft. The engine is backed by a Turbo 400 and the power is delivered to the tires through a Fab 9 rearend housing. When asked about power, Brandon said the car has never been on a dyno and he “has no idea” what kind of power it makes.

This fall Brandon and his Malibu returned to Ocean City and were almost immediately greeted by OCPD.

“I have a court date coming up for this past time. They impounded my car and gave me nine tickets and all I did was drive across the street from my hotel to Wawa [gas station]. I got there two hours before that,” he mentioned. “The cops hate it because the car is a rockstar and draws a crowd. They get nervous when a thousand people gather around in a parking lot.”

So, will Brandon try and return to Cruise Week next spring, many are asking?

“We’ll see how court goes,” he remarks.

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