Bad Ass Chevelle SS Station Wagon for Sale

How did car guys get by without the Internet? For sure, it has made finding parts, cars, and people much easier than back in the day. It also means more drooling all over the rare, the expensive, and the outright unobtainable. But there are plenty of rare, obscure muscle cars well within the price range of the average car, including a lot of long-roof station wagons with muscle cars at their heart.

Perhaps no example is better than the Chevelle SS Station Wagon. Bangshift came across one of these rare beasts on RacingJunk, and it’s been updated with plenty of go-fast parts over the years.

At the height of the muscle car wars, just about any automobile in GM, Ford, or Chrysler’s lineup could be had with a beefy big-block engine. That included four-door sedans and yes, even station wagons. While many of these rare beasts have been lost over time, there are still plenty of them out there for the performance enthusiast with a family. This particular vehicle is a 1970 Chevelle SS with a 327 small-block engine under the hood that’s been beefed up with all sorts of Edelbrock goodies.

While it definitely has performance, it’s also been upgraded with comfort. Fourth-generation Camaro seats and the center console have been reupholstered to match the stock interior while providing extra comfort, and the 2:90 rear-end gear ratio isn’t exactly aggressive, but should deliver halfway decent gas mileage. This wagon has actually been set up for Pro-Touring. All in all it looks like our dream cruiser, and it has a price of just $13,500, which is what you’d pay for a compact car fresh off the dealership lot. We’d rather have the Chevelle any day.

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