Babe of the Month: Nicole Gibson

Nicole Gibson is a California native who is nothing short of the perfect combination of both beauty and brains. Nicole is co-owner of a salon and a self proclaimed workaholic who is no stranger to the custom car scene. This has a way of happening when a few of your closest friends drive and build custom rides.

But don’t let her trick you with that shy girl persona; give this girl a cocktail or two and she feels right at home in front of the camera making all of our cars for this month the works of art you see before you. Whether she is just hangin’ in the garage with Kevin Pickering’s insane collection of custom cars or cruising the back roads in “Lowla” — Grant Kustoms heavily modified ’49 Chevy Fleet line she has fun and brings a smile to those around her.

Nicole is the type of girl that can turn any head with her beautiful green eyes and her alluring smile. But one of Nicole’s best traits, besides for being a mother of two and looking this stunning, is her modest demeanor and friendly yet shy personality. She’s one of those gals that’s genuinely beautiful and doesn’t feel the need to show it or hunt for attention. Her hubby is definitely one lucky dude–yes fellas she is married–sorry.

Some say the Cadillac is the luxury car most sought after. Kevin Pickering’s 1955 is no exception from its sleek outside body lines to the smooth and comfortable leather interior. This car was built to cruise in style with its factory engine and lowered stance, and Nicole adds the finishing touches nicely.

Next in is the green ’31 Model A roadster. Definitely an iconic automobile, no expense was spared turning this dream into a reality. By the end of this build, necks will break trying to get a glimpse as it pulls into local cruise spots and shows, with or without the company of Ms. Gibson.

The ’29 Desoto screams custom with its black satin finish and crazy skull pin stripping. Moving around up front your eyes are immediately drawn to the big hemi topped with dual carbs to send this demon screaming down the road.

Last but certainly not least is Miss “Lowla” —Tracy Grant’s (Photographer and Author of this special feature) ’49 Chevy Fleet side–heavily modified and on it’s way to full custom fame. She is slammed on factory wheels and fat white walls.The bottom side rarely sees the light of day. The rumble under the hood comes from a healthy small block Chevy and the body has been heavily modified from the chop top to the custom rear sheet metal work. All performed by Tracy’s husband, Oroville’s very own Grant Kustoms.

But enough about this awesome collection of rides, let’s get back to Nicole and find out more about our gorgeous Babe of the Month.

Name: Nicole Gibson
Hometown: San Leandro
Hair/Eyes: Dark Brown with green eyes
Height: 5’7”
Measurements: 36-28-37
Occupation: Co Owner of Tawnic Salon and Stylist
Career Goals: Im lucky enough to say that I’m living my dream
Likes: Zebra print, making people look gorgeous, and of course I LOVE my family and friends.
Dislikes: Spiders! Eeekkk!
Hobbies: Crossfit and camping
Favorite Vacation: I work so much that it’s tough to get in any lengthy vacas, but when I can get away its pretty much to my own backyard-Oroville has a huge lake with tons of recreation so we never get bored.
Dream Vacation: I would love to get a bungalow on the water in Tahiti
Typical weekend: Generally working
One Thing You Can’t Live Without: Hairspray
Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Workaholic, Supermom, People pleaser
Current Car/Dream Car: Nissan Titan/ Lexus LS

Special thanks go out to Tracy Grant and Nicole Gibson for another amazing photoshoot. Stay tuned for the next installment coming soon!

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With over a decade of automotive print and editorial experience, Mike Alexander enjoys shooting and writing about cars, and has several projects cars in his stable.
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