Auctioneering Hopeful Ron Paul Campaigns to Get Rid of His Chevette

RPChevetteWe all remember Ron Paul. Who could forget the charming, libertarian, and, as any Reddit user will tell you, “robbed” presidential candidate? For two election cycles, everyone’s favorite septuagenarian gynecologist took on the mantle of ending the Federal Reserve and seeking an isolationist foreign policy.

Oh, Ron Paul. Remember when you said that all the Taliban ever wanted was America’s forces out of their Afghanistan? Photo: Northwestern Flipside

For better or worse, the majority of voting Americans were not moved by Paul’s libertarian rhetoric. However, maybe they’ll be moved by his 35-year-old Chevette.

As part of Paul’s push to get fundraising for his Institute of Peace and Prosperity, the man has pledged to give away his beloved subcompact to the highest donor. He even plans to include “a nice turnover ceremony at the…office in Clute, Texas, that we’ll photograph, and I’ll also present you with a Congressional license plate that was actually used on the car.”

Paul shares a story about a time when the Chevette’s skillful placement next to Tip O’Neill’s Lincoln created a funny controversy back in the day: given O’Neill’s hypocritical advocacy of gasoline rationing, Paul thought it would be funny to park his car next to the Irishman’s land yacht. A photo was published and made the rounds, shaming O’Neill for his extravagant, ivory-tower antics and effectively creating a lifelong grudge between the two congressmen.

Doesn't this 52hp Chevette just make you green with envy?

All that aside however, the Chevette is still considered by most people to be a hunk of junk, better at conveying people from point A to point B than conveying any semblance of fashion or style. But maybe getting to shake the good doctor’s hand, take a photo, and drive off in this verdant Chevy is something you’d be willing to sacrifice some cash for.

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