A Look Inside Lemons Headers And Their Handcrafted Headers

During the buildup of a couple of Power Automedia’s past project vehicles — the Project All-Air Chevrolet Camaro and Project Grandma — we teamed up with the folks at Lemons Headers to hand-craft us a set of headers specifically for the 454-cubic inch LS7 powerplant in All-Air under the hood. These projects allowed us to get a close, hands-on look at the Lemons’ craftsmanship, and let us tell you…these were some impressive pieces.

Over the past couple of weeks, company owner and President Dan Lemons and his crew have been updating their Facebook page with photos in and around their facility in Paso Robles, Calif. In these photos, you get a glimpse at how the fabrication and production processes take place, and what goes into creating a hand-made set of headers that are custom-engineered and laid out to the specifications either of a particular vehicle or a customers requests. You also get a great look at the craftsmanship that goes into the Lemons product, from the mild to the wild, such as a set of “Brogie” roadster headers to a set for a rear-engine Pantera street car.

Lemons manufactures tig-welded headers for Big Block, Small Block, and LS engines in varying lines that include their Race, Pro Tour, and Street Rod series for models such as the Camaro, Corvette, Nova, Chevelle, and even Fox body Mustangs with Chevrolet engines. Along with headers, they also produce racing collectors to complete the package.

Said Lemons “All of our headers are hand-made and made-to-order per customer. With our designs, the header tubing can range in diameter, so that if a customer calls and he wants a specific size, or he has a tell deck block, or an aftermarket set of heads with raised ports, we can build all of that into it the size he wants. We started out doing just drag race headers, so we’re really kind of oriented toward that, so things like spark plug room, ground clearance, and oil pan room is always taken into consideration in the design. We also do a lot of Pro Tour cars now, and we incorporate a lot of the same ideas as far as the design, just geared more toward the Pro Tour guys.”

For more information on Lemons Headers, visit lemonsheaders.com or their Facebook page at facebook.com/LemonsHeaders.

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