The idea of cars found buried in barns decades after they were put there is not a new concept. In fact, we seem to hear about cars in barns (or fields, or garages, or storage units, etc.) quite often. None the less, the allusive barn car continues to conjure up feelings of awe and excitement in many of us. As we found out from CorvetteBlogger, such feelings are now being channeled for many toward a ‘61 Corvette roadster being offered on eBay. Complete with layers of dust and an un-run engine, this barn find could be yours for the right amount of greenbacks.

The Corvette being sold on eBay is your stereotypical barn find. Caked with layers of dust, the car hasn’t been moved or run since 1968 when it was stored. But the Corvette is practically complete and in decent condition considering its dark hiding place for years.

This Corvette is said to be highly optioned, although it doesn't drive and will need a full restoration.

According to the seller of the car, the Corvette came pretty highly optioned with things like a heater, auxiliary hardtop, four-speed transmission, Positraction rearend, with many factory options still intact, including its 283 CI V8 engine.

Although the engine is said to be original, its not a low-mile unit, with the car’s odometer showing 93,442 miles. The surprising thing about this car is that the seller also lists it as once having the rare power folding top option, although neither the top nor the mechanical components remain.

As to be expected, the interior needs a bit of cleaning, but that’s why it’s a project car. Apparently there are more than a few people interested in using it as just that, because bidding has reached $36,700 with 23 bids made.

The reserve has yet to be made, so if you’re in the market for a project car, this barn find Corvette might be perfect for you. Just get your bid in by May 29th, or you may miss your opportunity to own a genuine barn car.

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