If you already own a 5th Gen Camaro SS and dig the aggressive looks of the new ZL1 Camaro, but you can live without the LSA powerplant, track-inspired suspension, and the $54,000 price tag, the inventive and resourceful members of Camaro5 have you covered on how you can start to create a bit of a 5th Gen ZL1 “clone”. In a recent thread posted by member “2SSRS” the list of necessary parts from GM to perform a ZL1 front fascia and hood swap is laid out in its entirety, and best of all, you should be able to get every part you need from your friendly local Chevy dealership.

Its not exactly as simple as buying the ZL1 bumper, having it painted to match your 5th gen, and bolting it on. There are several other parts that have to be swapped along with the bumper if you want to have a truly factory-fresh and correct install on your new Camaro. The thread may be 30+ pages, but all the details are there if get really serious about wanting to do this to your own Camaro, so read up.

In the DIY thread on Camaro5, forum member “Ivan @ Southwest Speed” makes a pretty astute observation by saying, “Now you’ll just be able to walk or run down to your local Chevy house and buy your ZL1 one piece at a time.” Is this just the beginning for “home-built ZR1’s” sourced with real OEM parts?