2014 GMC Sierra Rendering

Chances are you own a truck or know somebody who does. Possibly, even know of someone looking to purchase a new truck. While some truck buyer’s are more serious; utilizing their trucks to perform heavy-duty jobs or even to haul around equipment, some enjoy trucks fro their shear size and dominating force on the roads. Either way, late-model trucks have come a long way from their early days with little to no options. Aside from the trailering package, a short- or long-bed, regular-, extra- or crew-cab models with a set of rearend gears to haul the hay, trucks were generally very uncomfortable and provided bland styling.

However, Chevrolet and GMC have recently revealed brand new versions of the Silverado and Sierra. Both feature new engines, better styling and refined interiors that are going to impact the full-size pickup market. This, according to, AutoEvolution.com. While press photos and video were limited; only revealing a longer wheelbase, AutoEvolution.com thought readers would be more interested in renderings of the next Sierra Regular Cab, featuring a shorter wheelbase. After all, it’s always nice to speculate in this industry. 

In an interview with Mark Reuss, president, GM North America, Reuss explained much of what to expect in the new generation of Silverado and Sierra trucks, “The new Sierra and Silverado are more differentiated than ever in unique features and materials, in their standard content and in their design and details.” Reuss continued, “These are two strong and distinct brands – each one appealing to a different kind of customer.”

Since trucks are known for stump-pulling power, let’s not forget about engine choices. Unfortunately, there’s no small displacement diesel in the works for this next generation of trucks. However, the staple of GM, most recently, has been their trio of engines including, the 4.3L V6 (262ci), and newer versions of their line of venerable small-blocks. Those two engines include, 5.3L V8 (327ci) and 6.2L V8 (376ci).

Thankfully, enthusiasts like Theophilus Chin, the automotive manipulator, have created these awesome and inspiring renderings to keep our blood motivated on the next generation of trucks for the 2014 year.


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