Up until the 580 horse, ZL1 Camaro was introduced for this year, Bowtie fans had no answer for Shelby’s blown 5.4 liter, GT500. The supercharged Fifth Gen, of which the Camaro Marketing Team has just finished their quality assessment, could not have arrived at a better time. We bounced over to carscoop.com and found the Camaro Marketing Team and Camaro5.com are pleased to announce that the first batch of 2012 ZL1s are now ready to be shipped to dealers.

Using GM’s supercharged LSA mill and a fully adjustable suspension from StabiliTrak, the new ZL1 promises to be the fastest production pony yet. As it currently stands, the new ZL1s that were withheld at the General’s Oshawa Assembly plant have finished assessment, are ready to be shipped and should be at dealers within two to three weeks, depending on the dealership’s distance from Oshawa Assembly.

According to the Camaro Marketing Team, there are some ZL1 Camaros that are in their “production system” which are currently being assigned estimated production weeks.

The Team also promises to allocate any leftover ZL1 orders that have not been sent to production, as dealers will be notified of order submission timing within two weeks of processing.

Chevy also promises that the halted production on ZL1s for this year will continue by mid April. From the sounds of it, the automaker is just as eager as their buyers to get the ZL1s out, and the Camaro Marketing Team sympathizes with their client base, “We understand [that] the excitement level for the new ZL1 is at a fever pitch. We look forward to the initial deliveries in the coming weeks, and the continuing production of the ZL1 in the weeks and months to follow.”


Image credit: Chevrolet