Summit Racing’s Car Feature: SBC-Powered Maxed Out 1962 VW Microbus

Summit Racing is likely on just about any gearhead's speed dial, and they regularly do car features that show up in their regular catalogs. We checked out their blog, "On All Cylinders" and found this cool microbus. Read More


Adjustable Toe Rods for the 2010-2014 Camaro and 2008-2009 G8

When it comes to suspension components, UMI Performance has you covered. New for the 5th generation Chevrolet Camaro and G8 platforms, here are adjustable toe rods. Check 'em out! Read More


Barn Find: An Abandoned Chevelle Gets Saved And Finds A New Home

Its been 12 long years that this Chevelle Malibu has been sheltered away from the elements, awaiting a new owner. Click here to see what it looks like now and where it needs tender loving care. Read More


The First Chevy: Chevrolet Series C Classic Six

If you have ever wondered what the very first Chevy was, the Series C Classic Six appeared in 1912. Currently there are only two Classic Sixes known to exist. Both are in museums. Read More

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Video: Tadge Juechter Talks About The C7 Z06 And 2016 CTS-V

We sat down with Corvette Lead Engineer Tadge Juechter to talk about the Z06 and the upcoming CTS-V. Check out our short, but sweet interview with the man behind it all. Read More


Starting Off Right: Steele Rubber Products Aims To Make 2015 Great

For over fifty years, Steele Rubber Products has observed trends and followed suit with terrific weatherstripping and rubber items for all kinds of rides. Here's a bit of the company's past, present, and future. Read More

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Video: A Roaring 1972 Pro-Touring Chevy Nova

Muscle in the streets of Northern Europe? It looks like Finland has an affinity for some good old American muscle. Click here to check out this sweet-sounding '72 Pro-Touring Chevy Nova! Read More


Video: Danchuk Showcases Gary Nelson’s ’57 Nomad

Christine Danchuk, Project Coordinator at Danchuk Manufacturing sat down with Gary Nelson to talk about his restoration project, a 1957 Chevrolet Nomad. Click here to learn more and what this car means to Nelson. Read More


The Five Greatest Chevy Race Cars Of All Time: #1 Earnhardt’s Chevy

Few cars identify a racing series like Dale Earnhardt's 1986 Monte Carlo SS Aerodeck. "The Intimidator" was more famous in the black #3 Monte Carlo but the '86 Aerodeck helped launch a legend. Read More


The Five Greatest Chevy Race Cars Of All Time: #2 Beach Boys 409

The Beach Boys wrote and sang many songs about cars and hot rods but only one of them was a Chevy. The 409 Bel Air Coupe identified southern California racing. Read More


Pace Performance: Buy an LS9 or LSX454R, Get a $2,000 Rebate

If you're in the market for the ultimate turn-key street LS, or the pinnacle of drag racing LS power, Pace Performance has a deal for you. Read More


Burns Stainless “No Holds Barred” C6 Corvette Race Exhaust

This new full-race exhaust from Burns Stainless offers light weight, top quality materials and construction, and a very reasonable price. Read More


The Five Greatest Chevy Race Cars Of All Time: #3 Johnson’s Impala

Third on our top five Chevrolet racecars of all time is the NASCAR version of the Impala SS with R07 race engine. This was the combination to beat for the six-seasons that it competed in the Sprint Cup series. Read More


The Five Greatest Chevy Race Cars Of All Time: #4 Pro Stock Camaro

Grumpy Jenkin's '68 Pro-Stock Camaro was the winner of the first two NHRA Pro Stock races ever - the 1970 Winternationals and Gatornationals. This feared Camaro ranks as #4 on our top five Chevy Racecars list. Read More


The Five Greatest Chevy Race Cars Of All Time: #5 1988 Penske PC17

This week's top five list takes us to the performance side of Chevrolet. From drag racing's internationals to the Indy 500, we give you a list of our top five Chevy racecars of all time. #5 is the legendary PC17. Read More


Video: RK Motors Award-Winning ’62 Chevrolet Bel Air Up For Sale

With custom fabrication and several awards under its belt, RK Motors discovered a gem; a 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air. It has the looks to command an entire showroom. Click here to see more! Read More

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