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Detroit Speed 2010+ Camaro V8 Engine Mount Kit

Reduce powertrain flex and improve vehicle performance with this sweet set of adjustable Fifth-Gen Camaro engine mounts from Detroit Speed. They're adjustable in two planes to improve performance. Read More

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Video: 17 Year Old Girl Crashes ’68 Chevelle

A 17 year old girl gets behind the wheel of a super fast 1968 Chevelle, only to crash it! See the full video inside. Read More

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Video: Introducing the 1966 Chevrolet Car Line-Up

Take a step back in time and watch this promotional video from 1966, showing off the latest Chevrolet line up and why they were better than Fords. Read More


The World Record Setting 1967 C2 Sting Ray L-88 Symbolizes the Holy Grail of Corvettes

The 1967 L-88 Corvette continues to be one of the most valuable and sought after Corvettes ever produced. We take a look at why it has been such an iconic piece of Corvette history. Read More

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Video: How About Some Trailblazer SS Donuts?

Check out these Trailblazer SS donuts - not the smartest place to do them, but they're smokey, that's for sure. Read More

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Video: Chevy Intern Uses C7 PDR to Film Ice Bucket Challenge

Check out how Chevrolet PR intern, Courtney Moats, films her ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Nomination! Creative, indeed. Read More


A Good Imagination And A Pile Of Junk – James Corbett Art

No matter how many times we see the impressive work of James Corbett, we are left wanting more. Check out his unique sculptures here. Read More


For Sale: Custom SSR that Must be Seen to be Believed

The elephant in the room is this SSR's styling. North Freeway Hyundai calls it, "the dinoSSauR," but we see it as more like Alien meets Bart Simpson. Read More

Hedman Husler GM A-Body LS Swap Mid Length Headers - HTC Coated 2

GM A-Body Mid Length LS Swap Headers From Hedman Husler

Ready to swap an LS engine into your GM A-Body musclecar? Then look no further than the new line of Mid-Length headers from Hedman Husler for your exhaust needs. Read More


Video: The LS7-Powered Youabian Puma – Madness, or Genius?

In the video, we see the Puma on the road, so full points for actually building something that runs and drives, but we're going to take some credit back for using color-swapped stills to simulate other Pumas... Read More


Video: Jay Leno’s Garage Profiles Holley Performance’s ’67 Chevy C10

From old-school carburetors to modern fuel injection, Holley Performance Products remains one of the industry’s leading providers of everything you need for fuel management. Check out their awesome shop truck! Read More


2015 Corvette Z06 Pricing Announced – MSRP Starts at Just Under $79k

Chevrolet has announced pricing for the C7 Z06, and it's a shocker - Base price for the coupe is just $78,995, while the drop-top will set buyers back $83,995. Read More


Flyin Ryan’s Red Racer

Built for the strip, Flyin Ryan's Canadian C3 can win races over the weekend and then drive to work on Monday. Read More

Tandem MC Collage-2

Wilwood Announces New 15/16-inch Bore Tandem Master Cylinder

Brake systems require the proper amount of fluid to bring your vehicle to a stop. Wilwood has the fix for upgraded brake systems in the form of their new big-bore master cylinder. Read More


An Old Chevy Farm Trucks Starts A Career In Painting

Introducing Todd and the farm truck that inspired his career into the automotive paint world. This '51 has been with him his entire life, and steered it in an awesome direction. Read More

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Video: A 928 RWHP Stock Bottom End 5th Gen Built By LG Motorsports

Watch this 5th Gen Camaro, built and tuned by LG Motorsports, put down some amazing dyno numbers. Can you believe they're still using the stock bottom end on the LS3? Read More

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