SEMA 2017: Griot’s Garage Going Gangbusters

We like the little three inch buffer for around valances, taillights, trim and other tight spots.

We dig Griot’s.

Your humble author is a native of the Pacific Northwest and Tacoma, WA based Richard Griot–GreeOh–is a home town hero. Taking the car care space by storm with unmatched branding and top notch products, they seemingly came out of the woodwork and are now a household name.

Griot’s almost 20 years old now…

We were eager to see what they’ve been up to so we ambled over to their display at SEMA 2017 and bumped into scion Nick Griot. A young guy with a healthy head of hair, we chatted about what was new.

I really dug their old Five-Step polishing system and got great results for years and wanted to hear about their latest improved version. They’ve simplified it down to four-steps that are easier to use than ever.

We’d probably start with the “Correcting Cream” second from the left and then check results. If the car needed some more “ooomph,” go over with “Fast Correcting Cream.” Either way, a round of “Perfecting Cream,” and then “Finishing Sealant.”

Nick said, “We simplified  the process but the idea is the same: a rich, high-lubricity formulation allows for extended buffing cycles that won’t dust out so you can produce a clean, wax-ready finish with easy wipe-off and without leaving dusty residue.”

As always, part of Griot’s charm is the great customer support an volumes of online how-to videos. Help is just a phone call away with fellow “perfectionist” team members eager to share their expertise.

If  you’re in the Seattle/Tacoma area, you must visit their flagship store or attend a “Caffeine  and Gasoline.”

Griot’s Flagship Store in Tacoma, WA is a fun day trip. I DARE you to not come home with something cool…

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