SEMA 2016: The FiTech Ultimate LS Kit Is The Next Evolution In EFI

Each year, someone at the SEMA trade show answers questions that we hadn’t thought about before the show. One of this year’s answers came from FiTech Fuel Injection, which answered the question, “Have we accomplished everything we can with fuel injection?”

FiTech’s Ultimate LS kit simplifies the EFI system for LS engine swaps.

“I knew from years and years of doing this that when people get confused about something, they shy away from it,” said Ken Farrell, president of FiTech. “That is what made our first product so successful. It was that intermediate-level product that allowed guys to to put EFI into their car without needing to swap a late-model engine into their car. They could just go with throttle body fuel injection. Now with the Ultimate LS Kit, we have given them the option of putting that LS in their car if they want to.”

When asked what the Ultimate LS Kit was about, Ken said, “Converting a carbureted engine to EFI was just the first step. When the LS engine came out, guys would take one out of a donor car, put an intake manifold on it, then put an EFI system back on it.”

If you acquired an LS engine, it might cost you a thousand bucks depending on what you were getting. That is where the economy aspect stopped with an LS conversion,” he added. “Then it would cost you a fortune to get that thing in the car and running. By the time you nickel and dime’d it, with a custom ECU or wiring harness, the price tag started going up from there. Intake manifolds, injectors, the reflash or the reprogramming, all that stuff adds up.”

FiTech’s initial product helped many enthusiasts transition to EFI systems.

In addition to the cost, Ken explained that people didn’t always know what parts needed to use together to make these LS EFI systems work. “It got confusing for some guys, and they needed a specialist to help them get it done,” he said. “We thought that if there was just a place where you could put everything needed in one box, it would make it so much easier for the guys that wanted to do these LS swaps.”

Taking a EFI unit and making it simple, along with keeping the price point where it was affordable to the average Joe, has been the calling card of FiTech since their emergence into the market.

Ultimate LS Kit Features And Benefits 

  • A low profile- 92 mm or 102 mm inlet
  • Aluminum fabricated intake
  • TIG welded
  • CNC machined with O-ring gaskets and all hardware included
  • Black anodized
  • Hi-flow cable operated throttle body
  • Parabolic inlet machining for smooth throttle transitions
  • Self-learning ECU with touch screen controller
  • Sequential fuel and spark control with individual cylinder trim
  • Bosch wide-band sensor
  • 24 and 58-tooth crankshaft compatible
  • Two programmable fan control outputs – 1 BAR MAP sensor – coolant temperature sensor – TPS – IAC sensor
  • Tach output driver for most tachometers
  • Speedometer output driver for most speedometers
  • Compatible with car and truck coils
  • On the fly programmable target AFR and timing
  • 36 or 66-pound injectors
  • Fuel pump relay output
  • Custom wire harness
  • Programmable touch screen handheld controller with data logging features
  • Custom cam friendly
  • Knock sensor control

For more information on this and the other products from FiTech Fuel Injection, visit them online at

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