SEMA 2014: Classic Industries A Driving Force For Industry Big-Names

IMG_9373Classic Industries is such a key player in the automotive world, not just for their vast line of products that help builders realize their muscle car and hot rod visions, but also due to their heavy involvement in the industry, from enthusiast television shows to big-name builders. At this year’s SEMA show, we touched base with three current icons in the car world–the Car Chasers crew, Eric Ables, Meg Bailey, & Jeff Allen, legendary builder Bodie Stroud, and Dan Woods of Chop, Cut, Rebuild. Each of them gave us the background on how Classic Industries is an integral part of what they do. Check out the three videos below.

Eric Ables, Meg Bailey, & Jeff Allen of Car Chasers

Meg Bailey kicked off the interview telling us why their show is truly special, “What I like is that we really show what people are investing in, what the best things to do to your car to improve its value are, and what’s selling. Instead of it being behind the market, you’re actually seeing what’s up and coming.”

When asked why Classic Industries was their go-to, Jeff Allen responded, “I love restoring Camaros, it’s our bread and butter…but I also like the variety that Classic Industries offers…their product line keeps expanding and it’s great…when they jumped into the Tri-Five market I was super excited.”

Bodie Stroud Partners With Classic Industries And Creates One Blue Dream Of A ‘57

In the video below, Stroud gives some background on the ’57, “We built it in record time. I think we built it in like six months. It has a 509ci big-block Chevy in it with a Kinsler stacked-injection. It puts out a little over 800 horsepower.”

Bodie talks about how Classic Industries is practically like family through their helping efforts, “Once again, Classic Industries helped me tremendously with the build…We did the Tim Allen Camaro and they helped us out with that…we got this ’57 built and I knew exactly who I needed to turn to for help.”

Check out the video above for more details on the Bodie Stroud ’57 and to get some closeup views of all the awesome custom work that’s been done by him and his crew.

Dan Woods Of Chop, Cut, Rebuild

“Classic has been a sponsor of ours pretty much from day one. In fact, even before I was doing Chop, Cut, Rebuild and dabbling in pilots they were really supportive of seeing automative restoration television come into the marketplace,” Woods said.

The amazing thing about the automotive industry is that at the end of the day, every sector is trying to contribute to the big picture. Builders, manufacturers, media, and distributors are all intertwined and Classic Industries is an amazing example of a company that doesn’t take that for granted.IMG_9405

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