SEMA 2011: Turning To Detroit Speed & Engineering

It’s not uncommon to find Detroit Speed & Engineering (DSE) at the forefront of suspension technology. Since 2001, the success of the “Twister” Camaro has propelled them into muscle car history. DSE components are designed, built, and tested by Kyle and Stacy Tucker. This husband and wife team is Mafia-like with its no-nonsense approach to car building.

X-Gen 595 Specifications:

  • Track Width (Hub to Hub): 59.5″
  • Maximum Wheel Backspacing: 6.125″
  • Total Suspension Travel: 6″
  • Framerail Dimensions: 2″ x 4″ x .120 w
  • Outer to Outer Frame width: 34.25″
  • Framerail Length: 25.25″
  • Distance from Rear of Framerail to Suspension Axis: 13.188″
  • Nominal Ride Height: 1.9″


You don’t necessarily ever second-guess DSE’s authority. They are the authority when it comes to aftermarket suspension, and even their new line of body parts.

However, this time we were extremely excited to see that DSE is offering their rack and pinion kits separately from their subframes. This means that even if you aren’t running their complete line of suspension goodies – which you should be – you can still rely on Detroit’s steering products.

Detroit Speed X-Gen 595 Series Front Suspension

Detroit Speed is proud to introduce the X-Gen 595 Front Suspension.

 Detroit Speed’s X-Gen series of front suspension systems allow you to integrate Detroit Speed suspension technology into any vehicle.

This complete suspension module is available with a 59.5″ track width and is ready to be subbed into your application through their 2” x 4” rail sections.

These are the same suspension systems found in DSE’s bolt-in front frames so they have been designed, engineered, and developed to provide the ultimate in performance on both the road and the track.

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