PRI 2017: UCoat It Floor Coating Turns Garages Into Showrooms

We’ve all seen the fancy floorings some of our favorite shops or TV shows feature, but did you know you can have that yourself? That’s right, with UCoat It, adding a protective and durable protective finish to your home shop or garage as an easy do-it-yourself application. There are eight total applications they offer, each with unique differences, durability, chemical resistance, and ease of application.

Now garage and shop floor coatings do a few things. First off, they make your work space look great, and a simple coating can really add some pizzaz in your shop. Secondly, the UCoat It protective floor coating does exactly that–it helps protect. While working in your garage or shop, you’ll have the reassurance that your floors are chemical resistant and easy to clean and sweep.

Of course the use of UCoat It isn’t limited to home or personal shop use, UCoat It is used in warehouses, manufacturing buildings, airplane hangers, service departments, and workshops. Floor coating thickness varies between products from 4 mil all the way up to 120. Depending on how much traffic your floor will experience, the look you want, and the material you need, UCoat It can recommend an option for you. Different colors and decorative flake is available as well, ensuring your floor will match your shop.

This is ideal for those looking to redo their garage, add some protection in their shop, or simply desire a professional grade flooring. For more details and options while selecting your floor coating, check out UCoat It!

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