Texas-Speed and Performance (TSP) has been one of the leading LS and LT engine component manufacturers for some time now, and if theres one thing we can always count on from them, it’s the fact that they are constantly pushing the envelope when it come the the General’s latest powerplants.

New for this year is TSP’s line of integrated spring seats and valve stem seals. Typically, the valve stem seal simply press fit onto the head and require specialty tools for installation. On top of that, new valve stem seals can tear if they aren’t properly handled and, even if they are, they can still pop back off without you know—leading to some serious oil consumption issues and possibly premature valve train failures.

Texas-Speed saw what a pain the process was and put their minds to the task of providing a simpler, better solution for the average joe, avid racer, and even engine builder. Its solution was to combine the valve seal with the valve seat. This ensures that the valve stem seal stays put no matter what. Not only that, but they are much easier to install than a conventional valve stem seal, as they require no specialty tools to do so. They simply slip over the valve stem and are held in place after the spring and retainer has been reinstalled.

The seals work with standard LS sized valve stems but are not compatible with aftermarket bronze valve guides. Each kit comes with a set of polished dual PAC valve springs good for up to .660” lift. The patent-pending technology provides a more reliable seal and are easily replaceable should the need every arise. Head over to Texas-Speed.com to find out more or to order a set.