There have been numerous advancements in how you can cram nitrous oxide into an engine since racers figured out it can add horsepower to their ride. Plate systems are one of the nitrous systems that have become popular and the team at Nitrous Outlet has found a way to take them to a new level with their Kraken plate.

To put a new twist on how a plate system can deliver nitrous into an engine Nitrous Outlet decided to get creative. The Kraken is a nitrous plate that actually functions like a direct port system and can be tuned per intake runner. To expand the abilities of the Kraken Nitrous outlet offers it in both wet and dry nitrous applications for users. Each discharge nozzle has a jet so you can adjust the amount of fuel or nitrous that goes into the runner. The plate is also available to fit production intakes or can be made to fit your own custom intake.

David Vasser from Nitrous Outlet explains just what went into developing the Kraken and why racers will love it.

“We’re starting to put so much nitrous through our systems that with something like a plate setup it’s nice to have the tuning options that a direct port system can offer. With the Kraken, we didn’t want a direct port system, but we wanted it to have the function of one. Right now the way class rules are written you get a weight break for a plate system with a single solenoid. This system was designed to use a single solenoid feed so you can get that weight break with a plate system, while having extra tuning options of a direct port setup.”