PRI 2017: EnginePro Debuts New, LS-Specific High-HP Components

The guys over at EnginePro have been building some of the best quality components on the market for sometime, and that includes the LS. But due to the popularity of the platform, this year they’ve decided to double down on all the goodies for GM’s penultimate V8 powerplant. For PRI, they introduced a new piston-ring set, stainless-steel valves, connecting rods, and the ever popular rocker bushing trunnion upgrade.

The Rings

New for this year is a set of LS piston rings ranging in sizes from 3.78 inches all the way up to 4.125. The compression ring is constructed from tool steel and have been hit with a nitride coating, making them ideal for nitrous and boost applications. Not only does the nitride coating imbue the rings with greater heat and corrosion resistance, it reduces drag in the engine.

The wiper rings are constructed from martensitic ductile iron. The term martensitic refers to the the iron’s crystalline structure which can be separated into three categories; austenitic, ferritic, and martensitic. In essence, iron is made martensitic due to its rapid quenching process which traps carbon in the metal, thus making it very strong.

In this case, the malleability of starting with graphite-rich ductile iron, combined with the martensitic crystalline structure, makes for a very durable wiper ring. This allows less ring tension to be run without reducing seal, again reducing parasitic drag while maintaining their function. They should be great for anyone looking to wring every horse out of their LS without sacrificing proper sealing in boosted, nitrous, or naturally aspirated applications.


Engine Pro has been watching and is fully aware that some of the General’s hollow-stem and sodium-filled valves aren’t exactly the most durable pieces around, especially when you start to raise valve spring pressures. To combat this problem, Engine Pro has released a set of direct replacement valves that are one-piece stainless steel.

The valves are built from 21-4N stainless steel, a material that is commonly referred to as a super alloy. 21-4N is good for temperatures exceeding 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, making them much strong that the valves they supplant. The valves are available in standard LS7 sizes, as well as several others.

Connecting Rods

While EnginePro’s H-beam connecting rods have been around for some time, they are worth mentioning. They are available only in a non-offset, 6.125-inch rod length and come with ARP 2000 fasteners. We’re told they are good to a whopping 1,100 horsepower.

Rocker Arm Bushings

If you’ve ever worked on an LS a day in your life, you most likely already know that the stock rocker trunnions can be problematic. With increases spring pressure and higher lift, the needle bearings in the trunnion have been known to come apart. This can scatter small pieces of metal into your crankcase, which is never a good thing.

EnginePro’s rocker bushings replace those needle bearings with, you guessed it, a bronze bushing. This eliminates the likelihood that your engine could come apart on you and have even been shown to provide greater stability to the valvetrain. All in all, they are a cheap piece of insurance any LS fan should be using.

For more information on EnginePro’s LS parts, head over to to find out more.

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