We’re all about education, particularly in educating yourself on what your high performance engine is up to while running – because nobody wants to go home on a trailer. So it’s crucial that you’re getting as much information as you can from that engine to know what it’s doing; information that can be extremely valuable to make sure that you’re not only making the most horsepower possible, but that nothing is going bad.

That is why we’re really digging Innovate Motorsports’ new MTX Dual Function Gauges. The MTX series gauges are four gauges: three are dual function, consisting of oil pressure/oil Temp, water temp/voltage, and a boost/shift light. The fourth gauge is a exhaust gas temp gauge, which doesn’t require a secondary function.

And if you’re looking to retrofit these gauges into an existing dashboard, they are a stand size and can be customized with an interchangeable black and silver bezel, and black and white faceplates which come included with the gauges.

  • Ability to calibrate for increased accuracy
  • Interchangeable black and silver bezel, black and white faceplates
  • Large digital readout and programmable “Digital Needle”
  • Datalog using LogWorks on your PC