Marcus Macy’s Sinister 9-Second ’46 GMC Pickup

When you go to the drag strip, its always nice to see something a little bit different, and Marcus Macy’s ’46 GMC pickup is just that. The trucks’ big, heavy satin-black body should definitely stand out in a sea of Mustangs and Camaros.

Best known for his “Bug Nasty” VW bug mud-bogger, Macy is no stranger to standing out. Growing up in the ’70s, Marcus became totally infatuated with hot rodding at an early age,  sharing, “my uncle had a ’63 Impala hot rod when I was a kid, he and hauled us on many 100 mph trips to the lake. I was hooked and bought every car magazine I could get my hands on.” Marcus recalls, “I wore my parents out, talking about cars all the time.”

Marcus has owned many different hot rods over the years, but none quite like this ’46 GMC truck. “I’ve had the GMC a few years, and it has always been a quick truck, but was a handful. With the help from some friends, we pulled the cab, boxed the frame, and back-halfed it.” Macy explains.

Powered by a 555 cubic-inch big-block Chevrolet with a tunnel ram and dual 1050cfm dominators, this truck is no slouch. Putting over 900 horsepower to the wheels through a Turbo 400 and Fab 9 rearend, Marcus says his best 1/4-mile pass thus far has been a 9.14 at 147 mph, on street tires.

“The truck sees more street than strip time, and runs cool in traffic,” Marcus says. “It has a 400 shot of nitrous with just a micro switch. I leave on a 400 shot and just point and shoot. I’ve worked most of the wheelstanding out, but I’ve been told it’s carried the tires past the 60-foot mark on some wild runs. I just bumped up the compression and put Trick Flow 360 heads and a nitrous cam in it, in hopes of an eight second 1/4-mile pass on the ET Streets.”

Macy’s truck is just a reflection of who he is, which is the kind of guy who enjoys standing out from the crowd. “I’ve tried to think of a name for the truck, and like I said, I’ve had it for several years and everybody just calls it “the ’46.” The paint work isn’t complete on it. I had planned to have some Von Dutch pinstripes and a gold leaf red outlined “46” on the doors added, kind of in a salt flat racer script.”



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