Kevin Shaw: The Chevy Hardcore Manifesto

First of all, this editorial has been long overdue. So, for that, I apologize. We’re nearing our first month here at Chevy Harcore and I’ve finally gotten a spare hour or two to welcome you all to the Internet’s most exciting, all-Chevrolet online muscle car magazine! Within these last four weeks we’ve welcomed thousands of new readers, sorted through hundreds of emails and have made nearly 20,000 Facebook friends.

Chevy Hardcore is here to give you the very best in every avenue of Chevy performance, be it bumper-dragging hard-hitting drag racing, tire-melting auto cross racing, or the cool weekend cruiser.

I’m Kevin Shaw, Editor of Chevy Hardcore. I grew up surrounded by the very best in Bow Tie horsepower, so it only makes sense that I help launch the newest member of the powerTV publishing family. For those of you coming over from our other magazines, such as Street Muscle, LSXMAG or Dragzine, you’re already aware that we’re a bunch of Chevrolet lunatics.

Ninety percent of our project cars and daily drivers are from the General. So starting up Chevy Hardcore simply made perfect sense.

Right now, the powerTV project garage is chocked full of Chevrolets including “Swinger,” a ’71 Nova fitted with a AirRide bag suspension, a Tremec 6-speed and a supercharged LSA; a ’66 Chevy II with a Chris Alston front clip, Wilwood brakes, a DSE 4-link with a Moser 9-inch, and a Musi 555 with a F2 ProCharger dubbed “MaxStreet”; and a ’01 Gen IV Camaro that’s gonna be running a World 454 LS plant called “All Air.”

We also have two second generation Camaro dirt track cars that we race over on Heck, even our shop truck is a full-sized Silverado.

Most of us aren't running on nitro methane or force-feeding our 572ci big block via a 671 blower. Some of us are just like you and love to have our Chevys looking their best and tweaked enough to be a fun driver.

Chevy Hardcore, more than any other online magazine, is the one place that all Chevrolet enthusiasts can go to get the very best in the latest in up-to-date industry news, nation-wide event coverage, dirt-under-your-fingernails do-it-yourself technical articles, tuning secrets for the street and strip, and features on some of the coolest machines to ever come from the General.

We believe you can't appreciate what Chevrolet is doing today without knowing what Chevrolet was doing before. We're big lovers of the winged full-sized machines, the Tri-Fives and the classic iron that made Chevrolet the American staple it is today.

Easily put, if you love all things Camaro, Corvette, Tri-Five, Chevelle, Nova, Impala, Monte Carlo, Malibu, Laguna, and even Corvair, Chevy Hardcore, the Internet’s fastest-growing all-performance Chevrolet online magazine, is your new home. Welcome home, buddy.

But if you’re new to how we do things around here, know that Chevy Hardcore is not just another fan blog; we provide our readers all the good stuff you’d expect from a print publication but without the cost of a subscription or the endless pages of advertisements. Chevy Hardcore’s lightning-fast event coverage, up-to-the-minute news and interactive format can’t be rivaled by print – or anybody else! And best of all, it’s completely free as the Internet should be!

But wait, there’s more! Not content to just keep pace with the latest and greatest in the industry news department, Chevy Hardcore is also your source for informative how-to tech; both old school carburetor and modern late-model tuning, engine buildups including the best know-how from the industry’s sharpest and brightest engine builders, transmission and rear end rebuilds and tricks, and so much more!

The best part of Chevy Hardcore is our love for the muscle car era and how it affected the design, peformance and style of nearly every machine to follow that influencial period. Even the full-sized land yachts shared its DNA with the machines that ruled the streets and drag strip.

Whether you’re looking to have the gnarliest street machine in your neighborhood, the cleanest weekend cruiser in your car club, or the fastest quarter-mile contender in your points bracket, Chevy Hardcore will show you how to do it, build it, tweak it, fabricated it, restore it, and make it happen. Why? Because you asked for it.

There’s a lot of history to work from too. For nearly 100 years, Chevrolet has been building and representing the very best that America can do. There’s a reason why more than any other brand, Chevrolet embodies that American spirit, that do-it-by-yourself tenacity, and work ethic. We’re absolutely stoked to be here today, celebrating Chevrolet with its latest Camaro, Corvette and fantastic triumph, the LS powerplant.

Chevy Hardcore is more than just an online magazine. It’s a community, an ilk, a group of friends sharing their passion for these cars. Why? Because there’s nothing more American than our cars. We can go as fast as we choose to go. We can paint our cars in any color we want. Interiors? Same deal. Wheels and tires? It’s entirely up the individual. Our cars are a blank canvas for us to speak our souls, and we think there’s no better canvas than our classic and late model Chevy muscle. Bar none.

We vow to deliver on these promises. We want to provide you, the Chevrolet enthusiast, the very best in in-depth performance tech, feature cars, classic restoration tips, industry interviews, up-to-the-minute news, and exciting event coverage. If you think at anytime that we’re falling short on this promise, please let us know! Chevy Hardcore here for you. We want your input!


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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw is a self-proclaimed "muscle car purist," preferring solid-lifter camshafts and mechanical double-pumpers over computer-controlled fuel injection and force-feeding power-adders. If you like dirt-under-your-fingernails tech and real street driven content, this is your guy.
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