Chevy Hardcore 2017 Feature Car Of The Year – We Have A Winner

A few weeks have passed since we first announced the 12 finalists vying for the title of  Chevy Hardcore 2017 Feature Car Of The Year.  To make that announcement, we posted an article that asked you guys to give us a little help. The article didn’t ask you to send money or car parts – although we wouldn’t object to getting either, but it did showcase 12 of the coolest Chevy Hardcore feature cars that we brought you in 2017. The thing was, we needed help from you guys to choose which one of the twelve should be crowned as the Chevy Hardcore 2017 Feature Car of The Year.

Jesse Halfacre’s ’66 Chevelle


Jesse Halfacre told us he has always been into old cars, “My dad was always fixing them and working on them, and I obtained this car when I was 15-years-old.

In that previous article, we gave you guys the choice of what we felt was a mix of very nicely restored cars that represent history, a few that represent the modified genre quite well, and even a few that some might call a daily driver. Regardless of why each car earned its inclusion onto the list, they were all deserving of being included. We realize this is the Internet and articles come and go quickly, so if you’re so inclined, you can check out the original article.

Many of the replies we received came via the comments section of the website, and a lot of you even replied via Facebook. Right off the bat, we thought we had an early winner. But as the votes continued to pour in, the outcome came down to the wire. The final tally was a real nail biter, but when the votes were finally counted, the car chosen as this year’s Chevy Hardcore’s 2017 Feature Car of The Year, turned out to be Jesse Halfacre’s ’66 Chevelle. While Jesse’s car is a gorgeous ride, we’re fairly certain that the story behind how he built it is what really sealed the deal.

All of the cars on the list were worthy of being chosen as the winner. For a more in-depth look at each car, you can click on  the car owner’s names to see the original feature.

Robert Nace’s ’70 Chevelle


We caught up with Robert at the 2017 Carlisle Chevrolet Nationals in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, but we’re pretty sure that with the Chevelle’s big-block, it would be a lot tougher to catch up with him on the road, unless he wanted you to.

George Edwards’ ’68 Yenko Camaro


A month after George Edwards bought this car in 1968, he and his wife drove it to Niagara Falls. The trip took  them through Canada, and on to Seaside Heights, New Jersey. They even ended up at Cecil County Drag Strip in Maryland during the trip and made a couple of passes on the strip.

Tom Demrovsky’s ’67 Chevelle


Tom Demrovsky’s Chevelle was the 2016 Goodguys Muscle Machine of the Year. The end goal of his vision was to create a modern interpretation of an American classic.

Lyle Lindquist’s ’63 Biscayne


When it comes to this Biscayne, Lyle Lindquist made several upgrades that carry it far from its fleet-anticipated roots. Items like four-wheel power disc-brakes, a factory tachometer, and even an air-ride suspension that gives the car that “just right” stance for any occasion.

Jef Fern’s ’70 Camaro


Jef Fern’s Camaro is the culmination of 34 years of ownership, love, and hard work. Jef’s dream car has brought him through tough times in his personal life and brought him vast amounts of joy. Now with this newest incarnation, Jef shows the world that Pro Street is far from dead. His twin-turbo Camaro is more than a pretty face — it’s a single-digit work of art.

Norm Brown’s ’70 Nova

Norm Brown found this Nova at the Daytona Turkey Rod run in 2009. It was in really nice condition with a 396ci big-block under the hood.

Duane Mueske’s ’68 Bel Air

Duane Mueske knew about this car since it was new. It took a while, but he eventually acquired it after he traded a ’62 wagon and $850 for the car back in the spring of ’71.

Jeff Lutz’ ’57 Chevy


Jeff Lutz purchased this car from a seller in Tennessee for $4,200. After picking it up and taking it back to his shop, Lutz Race Cars in Callery, Pennsylvania, he and his son began to dismantle it on Christmas day.

Jon Sacco’s Z28 Camaro


Whether intentional or not, when Jon Sacco found this Camaro, the car was not highly visible from the road. “You could only see it in the winter time when the leaves were off the trees. And then, just the taillights,” he explained. “I thought it would be a good father and son project.”

Russel Griffin’s ’61 Apache


Russel Griffin found this truck more than thirty years ago, near his Dover, Florida, home. It had been stored in a garage for quite a few years by an elderly gentleman.

Bill Weston’s ’73 Camaro


The story of Bill’s Camaro begins when he found the car while at the 2012 Spring car show and swap meet in Daytona, Florida. He was able to work a deal and trade his car for the Camaro. According to Bill, “It looked okay. It was Atomic Orange, and the doors had a few dents, but it ran good.”

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