Mic Sites’ “Sleeper” ’71 Chevy Cheyenne Blasts ¼ Mile At 160 MPH

Trucks have a special spot in the hearts of many, whether used for work, to pull a toy, or just for fun. All you have to do to find out how popular they are is to look at just about any country song and you’ll hear about an old pickup truck. But take a look at Mic Site’s truck and you’ll know it’s far from a country song’s version.

Sites ’71 Chevy Cheyenne is all Rock N’ Roll as it blasts through the quarter mile at 160 miles per hour. That’s right! It’s a long box 4,125 pound truck that runs a quarter mile elapsed times in the 8.50 range at 160mph. This is not a plastic bodied Pro Mod; it’s a real, steel four-link pickup truck that flat out hauls.

A ’71 Cheyenne has all the aerodynamics of a block wall, so, the next question is what power adders are used. Must be twin turbos, right? Wrong. It’s a 632ci V-8 with a small 150hp shot of nitrous oxide.  The video shows the green and white pickup running a 5.55 eighth mile elapsed time and charging on to cross the quarter mile mark in 8.56 seconds all at 160 miles per hour.  Although the eight foot bed on the truck adds weight, the extra wheel base provides traction and allows for a nice straight ride even at that speed.

Take away the bead lock wheels, parachute, and hood scoop, and Sites’ racer is, for the most part, a sweet stock-appearing pickup truck. But the owners of this awesome truck have no plans of spending all their weekends at truck shows. With mid-eight second passes behind them, Mic and his crew chief Jackson Sites have the seven second mark in their sights.

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