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Home-built Hero: Judd Middlebrooke’s Camaro Is A Long-Time Friend

If you're a fan of the first-generation Camaro, you have to check out this Home-Built Hero. It took Judd Middlebrooke and friends 18-months to restore, and after 12 years of ownership, it's not going anywhere soon. Read More


Coastal Pictorial: Driving a ’16 ‘Vette Z06 Up The California Coast

Check out our photo heavy tour story as we drive up California's coast in a 2016 Corvette Z06 Read More


Big Green Machine: Greg Powrie’s Twin Turbo 2000 Camaro

Good things take time, and Greg Powrie's 2000 twin turbo Camaro is proof of this. Check out this nasty F-body that's ready to do battle in the radial tire world in 2016. Read More


Bobby Hough’s ’72 Chevelle SS: The Small-Block Test Car

Bobby Hough bought this '72 Chevelle as a project for him and his son to work on. Since the body was in really good shape, they focused on the engine — several times! You can read the whole story here. Read More


Finding New Roads In The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro

The sixth-gen Camaro is a huge leap in performance and driving fun - if only it looked the part. Find out what it's like to cover four states and more than 500 miles in two days behind the wheel of the 2016 model. Read More


Ken Beach’s ’57 Fuel Injected Bel Air

This 1957 Chevy Bel Air has one of the most detailed histories that we've seen in a while. It's got a great story that traces its history from being a race car, a daily driver, and finally, becoming a show stopper. Read More

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eBay Find: A Gas Monkey COPO Camaro CRC Turned Street Legal!

Gene Schmidt of Bismarck, North Dakota constructed the first and only street legal COPO in the world with a matching big-block aluminum Ram Jet ZL1. Read More


Beautiful Beast: Jef Fern’s Twin Turbo 1970 Camaro

Jef Fern's Camaro is a life long build that uses equal parts good looks and big performance. This Pro Street-style car will make single-digit passes, while sporting best-in-show looks. Read More


Three (Not) Of A Kind – An Unlikely Trio of LS-Swapped Pickups

One is a perfect example of a true DIY build, the second is an unlikely road racing monster, and the third is a vintage truck professionally built to hunt monsters... Read More


Inside “Shirtless” Chad McGee’s Grudge Racing Nitrous S10

This badass little big-block nitrous grudge and no-prep 1995 Chevrolet S10 set the social media world on fire -- now see whats under the hood and what the future plans are. Read More


Jack Harrington Finally Settled Into His ’69 Drop-Top Camaro

Some guys own the same car they bought new, while other guys have owned multiple cars, looking to find the perfect classic for them. Jack Harrington has owned a slew of cars, but he might have found his last. Read More


The “Grumpy”(est) of Camaros: Jenkins’ Toy IV

Sometimes, finding a true iconic musclecar requires patience, tenacity, and the ability to convince an owner to sell. Since no one else wanted this car, all Dale and Vicki had to do was pick it up. Read More


SEMA 2015: CR Supercars’ CR1 1969 Camaro Unveils With Centerforce

CR Supercars brings back our favorite decades with fresh builds of classic cars with all-new sheetmetal and components. It introduced the CR1 1969 Camaro this year in the Centerforce booth and was a huge success. Read More


Mint ’56: Tony Ferguson’s Street-Legal, Limited 235 Chevrolet

Wyoming native Tony Ferguson campaigns this gorgeous big-block powered, nitrous-fed 1956 Chevrolet, with all original steel and a full interior, in the Limited 235 radial class. Read More


SEMA 2015: Roadster Shop Rampage Camaro

The Roadster Shop built a second generation Camaro that features wide-body fenders, independent pushrod suspension, and an LS7. Look at the gorgeous design. Read More


This Black Mamba Can Deliver One Competitive Strike

Scott Feldon of Denver, North Carolina, is the proud owner of this lean and mean 1972 Corvette. With the help of some awesome performance products and hard work, this C3 has been transformed into the Black Mamba. Read More

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