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How To Turn Chevelle Tires Into Dust, And A Big-Block Into Shrapnel

Dave Gibson is an enthusiasts that enjoys his Chevelle more than most. He is usually secretive about where he leaves his signature when he's out driving, but this time, we have it on video.Read More


A Bike For A Bow-Tie: Tom Brown’s ’55 Chevy

We all know someone that sold a car they wish they kept. Tom Brown is not one of those people. He was able to hold on to the cool Chevy he got as a teenager. It's forty years later and he's still burning rubber.Read More

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Sublime Brandywine – 1979 Corvette Gets A Makeover

From the rust belt of the Midwest, to the Central California coast, this '79 Corvette was snatched from the grim reaper and adopted by a kind couple who have lavished a life of luxury on the once neglected Shark.Read More


Home-Built Hero: Dave Belrose and Cindy Tabelin’s 1969 Nova

Dave Belrose built this car for his girlfriend of 15 years, Cindy Tabelin. She always wanted a Nova, and Dave sure knew how to deliver. Check out how this $1,000 project became a show-winning ride. Read More


His 1967 El Camino, Her 1972 Chevelle SS, Their Project Builds

Carrie and Melvin Hattell found each other, and then they worked together and found a pair of Bow Ties that they could build together. Their project builds are nothing short of impeccable.Read More


2 For The Show: ’69 Camaro RestoMod With A ’32 Roadster On The Side

It takes a lot to custom build a car in a year. This '69 Camaro is only half of the project that the team at Man Made Legends undertook in preparation for unveiling at this fall's Charlotte Auto Fair event. Read More


Built To Drive: ’69 Corvette Stingray Honors American Racing

Here's a nasty racer C3. Styled after cars from the 1967 American International Racing program, Dale's Corvette is the perfect blend of function, form, and American racing nostalgia.Read More


Home-Built Hero: Keith LeGier’s Long-Term Camaro Project

Keith LeGier is a man that never gives up. It is that perseverance that enabled him to travel around the world, survive a horrific crash, and still find the fortitude to finish his 1979 Z28 Camaro. Read More


Ray Briggs’ Cherry ’69 Camaro Could Be The Perfect Cruiser

Some guys want a car that is designed for racing, while others want a car that will win all the trophies at car shows. Ray Briggs' Camaro can do both, but he would rather spend his time racking up miles.Read More


Home-Built Hero: Bill Pewterbaugh’s ’68 Chevelle SS

After 43 years of owning this Chevelle, some might think that Bill Pewterbaugh is afraid of change. That couldn't be farther from the truth, he just knows when something is worth keeping around for the long haul.Read More


BreaElla: An International Diamond Found In The Desert

Trevor Williams brought his 1955 Chevy truck from Canada to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend to show it off. Built with subtle changes that differ from a stock truck, it's hard to tell the differences.Read More


Detroit Speed Builds a Super-Musclecar Out Of This ’70 Chevelle

When Detroit Speed built this sinister black 1970 Chevelle for a customer, they decided to build a car that checked all the boxes for performance and desirability. Read More


Terry Yiengst’s Show-Stopping 1977 Z28 Camaro

Terry Yiengst has owned this 1977 Z28 Camaro since 1979! He has taken great care of it and has never modified it. The car has never been used as more than a toy, and its present condition clearly reflects that care.Read More

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Rob Wade’s ’65 Chevy II Defines The Term Powerful Perseverance

This potent Chevy II Nova SS is quite capable of cutting some serious e.t.'s on the track, but owner Rob Wade explains he had the perseverance to build this car for much more, and enjoys driving it on the street.Read More


Home-Built Hero: Carl Noels’ Show-Stopping ’69 Camaro

As iconic as the '69 Camaro is, there really is no incorrect way to rebuild one. Take for instance this restomodded gem. While the body of the car is mostly stock, it's the upgrades that will blow your mind.Read More


TCI’s ’63 Nova: Hugging Corners And Slaying Cones

When you build a car that has sentimental value, its worth goes far beyond what you put into it. These kinds of cars hold a special place in your heart and can serve as a nostalgic reminder of what once was.Read More

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