C6 Z06 Nitrous-Fed Street Machine Dubbed The “Baldegle”

The “Baldegle” ready to fly, Nitrous Express plate kit gets this C6Z moving in a hurry.

Most featured cars now a days seem to be one off show boats, restored barn finds, or garage queens. We spotted Jordan Wells’ Victory Red 2008 Corvette Z06 and instantly fell in love. A clean, yet modified daily driver worthy of a feature. It screams “BALDEGL”, from the license plate to the custom American flag rear emblems. Jordan purchased this ‘Vette in early March 2017, and instantly started modifying his dream Z06.

No trailer queen here, Jordan loves cruising the streets of GA.

Visual Mods

Starting with the visual modifications, the first thing that stands out is the stance. Lowered, and riding right on top of those beautiful CCW classics is the ticket. Matte black centers, gloss black lips, accompanied by gold ARP hardware are the perfect finish combo. 18×10″ front wheels, wrapped in  285/35/18 Michelin Pilot Super Sports. 18×12″ steam rollers out back, riding on a pair of 325/35/18 Mickey Thompson ET Street R’s.

CCW wheels give this new school beauty a classic look.

Once the right stance was achieved, it was time for some eagle eye taillights, only fitting for this Merica’ build. The GM lower badges, side markers, headlight housings, and roof have been painted gloss black for a stealth appearance.

C7 Carbon fiber pieces are a crowd favorite among Corvette owners.

C7 Carbon ZR1 extended carbon fiber spoiler finishes out the rear. Plans for a carbon fiber front lip, and extended side skirts are next up on the “BALDEGL“.

The stance is just right on this C6Z, no fender gaps to be found.

With a “less is more” mentality and vision for this ride, the interior is straight off the show room floor. Chevrolet’s interior updates from the C5 to C6 was enough to keep Jordan satisfied.

One of Chevrolet’s best fighter pilot cockpit.

Performance Modifications

Next it was time to make this “BALDEGL” fly. Starting off with an MGW short shifter with billet lower box was an easy choice. The Vararam SC-1R cold air intake and true ram air style system opened up some breathing room. American Racing Headers 2″ primaries, ARH 3″ x-pipe, backed up by a modified BBE bullet axle back system raised the power and sound level. A Nitrous Express plate kit, with 100 hp pills ensured quick reliable power was on tap.

American Racing Headers lets the Z06 exhale all those Bald Eagles.

Jordan has big plans for his C6Z, including a ported MSD intake manifold and 102mm throttle body and Race Proven Motorsports heads/cam combo which utilizes Advance Induction’s 280cc ported LS7 heads. Their work replaces the valve guides, new exhaust valves, full CNC port work, milling, etc.

Bottle of Nitrous Express squeeze on tap.

This proven power combo also uses RPM’s B3 cam which makes tons of power while  arguably being one of the best sounding LS7 cams on the market. With all the new power, he has future plans to pull the drive train and have the TR6060 fully built. A Monster triple disc clutch will be thrown in, as well as a new master cylinder, solid mounts, and a transmission/differential brace. Jordan plans to up the nitrous, in the hopes of making 750 RWHP on the stock bottom end.

Victory red C6Z rolling the streets of GA on a set of CCW classics.

Owner Spotlight

Jordan Well’s journey to this C6Z started from a C3 Corvette, 2006 GTO, and current boosted 4th gen Trans Am project.  He really digs the the Corvette though.

“This car has been my dream car since I was a kid!” “I am still in awe that I was lucky enough to afford one, every time I get in the car, I just sit for a second because it still has to sink in how blessed I am to have it.”

The sound of the 427ci LS engine at 7,000 rpm is nothing short of intoxicating, throw it in sixth gear going down the highway, and enjoy 30+ miles to the gallon. There is just nothing else like it that I have ever had the pleasure of driving. Huge shout out to my good friend Josh Waters @joshwaterspainted for all the amazing paint work. Cole at Vettelights for those “BALDEGL” taillights, setting the car apart from the norm.

Our hats are off to all that have Served, Fought, and Died for our great Nation.

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