Babe of The Month: Bree de Encio


It’s been a long time coming here at powerTV, but we’ve got our regular Babe of The Month feature back to life and up and running in fine form! With the help of Mr. Rocky Nash and his brilliantly custom ’37 Ford two-door sedan and his amazingly clean ’32 Ford roadster built by Bobby Alloway for the “Shades of The Past” show, we had a great afternoon photographing this month’s model, Bree. A local Southern California girl, Bree is a full time model and server at Hooters when she’s not at the gym or walking her dogs.

While we would’ve had a hard time saying ‘no’ to Bree if she asked to drive the ’32 out on the street, she thankfully was too scared to ask.

While it might be hard to peel your eyes off of Bree, the cars she’s helping make all the more attractive belong to Rocky Nash, a dyed-in-the-wool hot rod lover whose collection of awesome custom rides is so extensive that they often blur together. The ’32 roadster is a rare Bobby Alloway hand-crafted piece that was the grand prize at the annual “Shades of The Past” show a couple years back.

The wildly customized ’37 two-door sedan sways all the more from the factory family wagon Ford built so many years ago. Much of the components that would’ve required extensive hours of metal fabrication were made instead from fiberglass, helping bring down the ‘rod’s weight dramatically. Both powered by small block Chevrolet plants, the ’37 touts far more customize bits including full Air Ride suspension, Vintage Air climate control, and full leather interior.

Name: Bree de Encio
Hometown: Irvine, CA
Hair/Eye Color: Brunette/ Blue

It wasn't too tough to let Bree take a peek under the hood. The hood is electrically operated with a key fob!"

Height: 5’3′”
Measurements: 34/25/33
Occupation: Hooters Girl/ Model
Career Goals: Continue my career as a model and go from there!
Likes: Family and my dogs
Dislikes: Cocky, insecure people

Hobbies: Shopping, working out
Favorite vacation spot: Maui, Hawaii
Favorite food: Italian
Typical weekend: Hit the gym and then head to work to make that money!
One thing you could not live without: My iPhone
Describe yourself in Three words: Independent, goofy, outgoing
Current Car/Dream Car: Lexus IS250
Dream Vacation Spot: Australia

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