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Babe Of The Month: Sitting Down With The Lively, Bubbly Dani Medin

Taking time out of her busy schedule, we were able to chat with the stunning and witty Dani Medin. Click here to learn more about Dani, which stretches from her lifestyle to what makes her day. Read More


10 Years In The Making: Justin Short’s 1969 Chevy Blazer

Justin Short is a full-time gearhead and if you ask him why he built his custom '69 Chevy K5 Blazer, he more than likely will shrug and reply, “Because I don’t know how to do anything else… it’s just what I do."Read More

1968 Chevy C-10 (18)

David Neal’s 1968 Chevy C-10

How does one dare to be different in the world of custom trucks when just about everything and anything has at one time or another been applied or at least tried? Check out David Neal's custom '68 inside.Read More


Babe Of The Month: Heather Perlin

Introducing this month's Babe Of The Month: Miss Heather Perlin. She's an all-American gal, who loves fast cars, isn't afraid of getting dirty and loves her dog Layla! Read More


Babe Of The Month: Christine Danchuk

This Bel-Air beauty is miss Christine Danchuk, from Orange County, California. Her smile is infectious and is bound to make you warm inside. Check out the massive gallery of pictures inside! Read More

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Babe Of The Month: Mercedes Terrell

This Babe Of The Month is Mercedes Terrell. She's a brown-eyed beauty from Orange County, CA that rocked the camera for us. Check out the full shoot inside with a massive photo gallery and teaser video! Read More


Babe Of The Month: Ashley Carpenter

Introducing Miss Ashley Carpenter for Babe Of The Month. Check out the video and picture gallery of this blonde bombshell! Read More

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Babe Of The Month: Emily Sherer

With red hair and looks that can kill, we present Ms. Emily Sherer for Babe Of The Month. Check her out inside and find out what makes her a true gear head! Read More


Babe of the Month: Diana Grant

A true beauty and a car nut at that, Diana Grant loves cars that are classy and good for the environment. Not surprisingly, when you don’t find her working on her acting career, she’s out hiking the California hills with her dogs. Gorgeous, a gearhead and environmentally friendly - what more could we ask for? Read More


Babe of the Month: Sexy Mrs. Santa and Her Pinup Helpers

We decided our readers deserve a special present for this month's Babe of the Month. Santa was kind enough to invite us to hang out at his bar, Santa's Pub in Nashville to meet a few of his special little helpers. Have a look for yourself, and see why the Big Guy is so jolly all year round!Read More

Nicole@TG (15)

Babe of the Month: Nicole Gibson

Nicole Gibson is a California native who is nothing short of the perfect combination of both beauty and brains. Nicole is co-owner of a salon and a self proclaimed workaholic who is no stranger to the custom car scene. This has a way of happening when a few of your closest friends drive and build custom rides.Read More


Babe of The Month: Melissa Hayes

Meet Melissa Hayes; a bit of tom boy and girly girl mixed into a sweet and sassy package, Melissa was an absolute kick to have on our photoshoot. That's probably because she was nice enough to laugh at our jokes.Read More


Babe of The Month: Bree de Encio

With the help of Mr. Rocky Nash and his brilliantly custom '37 Ford two-door sedan and his amazingly clean '32 Ford roadster built by Bobby Alloway for the "Shades of The Past" show, we had a great afternoon photographing this month's model, Bree de Encio.Read More


Katie Brown – powerTV July Babe of The Month

The 2009 PRI show is well over with and people are already getting ready for this year’s trade show, but we have one more thing from the show we want to let out before it is too late. We had model Katie Brown outside of the powerTV booth and when she wasn’t too busy we asked her a few questions.Read More

dani girl

Danny Girl, April 2008 Babe of Month

21 year old Danny Girl has been modeling for 3 years since she was 18 years old and she loves it to death. She told us that she built her own truck, likes Dirt Biking, and works for a security company.Read More


Miss Genna March 2008 Model Shoot

Miss Genna comes from beautiful Orange County, California and is only 20 years old. She is StangTV's Race Pages featured Model of the month. She was a former Cheerleader, so she polished off all of her old moves for our cameras. She said she found cheerleading a rough sport - and she took her share of spills and trips to the hospital.Read More

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