Edelbrock’s Revved up 4 Kidz Car show – Part II

Vic Edelbrock’s garage was center stage at last week’s Revved up 4 Kidz carshow. The garage houses vehicles that have direct ties to the Edelbrock family and the company’s history. The walls are covered with memorabilia dating back to mid 1930’s that includes photos, articles and awards. A couple of vintage pinball machines are on display in one corner sandwiched between a couple of historic engines adorned with Edelbrock high performance parts.

In the back of the garage, a classic juke box was playing songs from an era that was innocent. When high test gas was really high octane. Back before the Environmental Protective Agency was formed. Standing in the center of the building, you can feel that long gone age. If you close your eyes, you can hear the roar of big block engines. With every breath you can smell the high horsepower fuel. The collection of memorabilia within the walls of the garage represent more than Edelbrock’s past. It represents our past. Vic’s garage is a museum of Hot Rod history.

Center car in this picture is John DeLorean’s 1969 Camaro SS. According to Edelbrock sources, this Camaro was a gift from DeLorean to his third wife, fashion model Christina Ferrare. Flanked on the left is an Edelbrock red Chevelle Malibu SS and on the right by another Edelbrock red car, a Chevy Stingray Corvette.

The cars are neatly placed on a black and white checkerboard floor. Hot Rods line both sides of the building and others are strategically placed in a neat formation in the center. It’s very difficult not to smile as you walk past each car in the collection. The memories of your childhood dream cars flood into your thoughts, as a wide grin dominates your face. The names associated with the cars that are on display chronicle racing and automotive manufacturing history.

From a 1946 Ford “Woodie” Station Wagon hauling a Kurtis Craft Midget race car to a Hydro F-247 Powerboat and a few motorcycles, Vic’s garage is a anthology of horsepower. Below are some of the vehicles that are on display with brief captions explaining their place in history.

Front view of the Vintage Stingray Corvette racer, often driven at events by Vic Edelbrock Jr.

A 1932 Ford restored like Vic Edelbrock Sr.’s Roadster Family Car.

1969 1/2 Dodge Six Pack Superbee. This car was one of Vic Edelbrock’s first personal vechicles. It later served as a research and development car for the company and was sold to a private party. It was found on the East Coast and repurchased by the Edelbrocks. Restoration was very recently completed and the car is happily back in the family.

1964 A/C Shelby Cobra. Yes, it’s real. Yes, it’s impressive in person. It simply screams Sports Car. The 1946 Woodie Wagon hauling the miget racer is in the background.

Vic Edelbrock Sr.’s ’32 Ford Roadster Racer. The first Edelbrock project car. This car was instumental in the development of the first Edelbrock manifold, the “SlingShot” manifold.

The Oldsmobile 355 CI NASCAR Engine. Oldsmobile had this engine built in 1979 by the legendary NASCAR driver, car owner and master car builder Junior Johnson. Oldsmobile had hoped that this engine would be allowed to race in the Winston Cup series. Part of the development of this powerplant included intake manifold development by the Edelbrock corporation. Once the engine was completed and ready to go, NASCAR banned the engine.

The Edelbrock Chrysler Hemi Engine. A real big block, high performance engine that pumps out big horsepower.

Bill Ritner’s famous Wa-Wa Too! F-247 vintage Hydroplane. This powerboat campaigned from 1958 to 1963. The engine was built by Vic Edelbrock Sr. and Bobby Meeks. It won National Championships in 1956, 1957, 1958 and was a world record holder for 266 CI hydroplanes from 1956-1958.

End of Part II. Watch for Part III coming soon.

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