4th Annual Edelbrock Revved Up For Kids Car Show

One of the best parts of our job is being invited to events that have tons of cool cars. However, this one is unique. It’s for a tremendous cause. Christi Edelbrock invited us out to Torrance, CA for the 4th annual Edelbrock Revved Up For Kidz Car Show.

All of the proceeds benefit The Center For Learning Unlimited who aims to help students with learning differences, not only recognize their long term potential, but provide them with on-going support and solutions that can help their entire family.

If you want to find out more about the CLU, we would encourage you to visit their website www.cflu.org.

We couldn’t fit all of the photos into this write up, so check out the full gallery here: PHOTO GALLERY: EDELBROCK REVVED UP 4 KIDZ

Even with the weather threatening to dump rain the entire weekend, it actually turned out to be a gorgeous sunny warm southern California day that made the show even more enjoyable. After walking through the gates, right away we found our way to the Hot Rodders Of Tomorrow Engine Challenge.

This was set to be a close competition. There were eight teams from different Southern California High Schools and colleges that were entered on this day. The challenge to each team was to take their complete engine, tear it down to the block, crank, and camshaft, and then reassemble it in the correct order and correct torque spec on every bolt. The winner of this event will go on to the SEMA show in Las Vegas later this year to represent California against the top teams from Michigan and Illinois for the National Championship.

It was a close race, but in the end it was the team from Loara High School in Anaheim, CA who took the top spot with a total time of 82 minutes and 20 seconds. They had completed the challenge in under 44 minutes, but after a few penalties their time was almost doubled.

“It’s all about teamwork,” says Russ Bacarella, Team Leader and Shop Class teacher, “ these kids worked together, they were incredible. They put it together and everyone did their job. We had a little mental error, cost us some time, but when we get to Vegas, it will be the fastest time anyone has ever seen.”

From there we enjoyed walking the show and seeing all of the hot rods and muscle cars. There was a mix of crazy over the top cars, and well done restorations. It was really neat to see the different build types all in one place. Speaking of crazy over the top, Matt Lewis from Dave’s Garage attended the show, bringing with him some of the hottest cars we saw at the event.

One car that caught our eye right off the bat, was this gorgeous Mercury Cyclone GT. If the paint doesn’t give it away that this is something special, then the factory option list will. This car was fitted with the Super Cobra Jet Race package, which gave it more than a set of gauges and some fancy floor mats. Nope, that option also tacks on a 428 Cubic Inch engine, with dual 4 barrel carburetors that made over 500 horsepower.

This is a really rare car, after all Mercury only produced 3 of these beasts with these options. What makes this car even more special it that this one was restored to its current condition by Harley Davidson for use in their promotional events back in 2004. Check out another shot of this 1969 Mercury.

Now here is something you don’t see every day

Another sweet ride was this blue beauty. The owner didn’t have much info he was willing to share, but we can tell you that it can move him and a 6 pack inside with no problem at all.

Seeking shelter from the sun, we moved inside to Vic’s Garage, home of some of Vic Edelbrock’s most prized vehicles. Right when we walked in, we spotted a clean looking ’58 Corvette. After talking to Vic himself, we learned that this car was the daily driver for Vic and his wife Nancy. It is one of the few cars with the Edelbrock name of it that is 100% stock and is 100% original.

The restoration job was handled by John Briggs from Santa Barbara, CA and all of the drivetrain work done in house at Edelbrock.

After cooling off for a bit longer we made our way back out side.

Interestingly enough, tire marks like these were a common sight around the Edelbrock building.

Before stopping off at the food court, we ran into David Ward from V8 Choppers. These things are just want you need if you share a love for the open road on 2 wheels, but can’t stand to part with a V8 engine.

You can bet that there is something special sitting under the fuel tank of these bikes. The short blocks are built by Dart using their brand new SHP line of V8 engines. From there the motors are built using Edelbrock intakes, carburetors, and fuel pumps right here in the US. They offer a couple of different options for the power of these engines. You can start off with at 260 hp V8 and go all the way to a 524 hp version for those looking to give Jesse James a run for his money.

If balancing isn’t your slice of pie, V8 Choppers also makes a trike version of their choppers that lets you have the same engine options as the traditional bikes, but uses a Powerglide transmission and a Ford 9 inch in the rear.

If you wanna learn more about these bikes and trikes, visit www.v8choppers.com.

Instead of going to the food court we found something better that would fill us up and keep us cool. Auto Creamery was on hand with their brand new line called Auto Gelato with such flavors as Avocado. Yeah you read right, Avocado Gelato. Owner Boyd Cohen told us there is 5 whole real avocados in every 2 liters of his gelato. We were a little shy about trying it at first, but after one small fearful bite, we drove right in. This stuff was great. We hope to see more from Auto Creamery and their old school ice cream truck.

Boyd says its got a 350 with a cam in it now to go along with the Edelbrock goodies on the top end.

Even Bucko tried some of the Avocado Gelato.

There was so much going on, that we couldn’t cover it all. If you live in the area, we recommend coming out next year to what will be the 5th annual Edelbrock Revved Up 4 Kidz Car Show. See for your self all the hot cars and great entertainment.

Be sure to visit the photo gallery to see even more pictures of the event as well as some bonus shots of the cars featured above! Thanks again to Edelbrock for inviting us out to an awesome show.

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