Pro-Filer Performance Products
manufacturers high performance cylinder heads for the racing and street/strip market, delivering technology from the upper echelons of drag racing to the enthusiast and hardcore racer.

Among Pro-Filer’s latest cylinder head offerings is this 23-degree, “All American” aluminum head for the Small Block Chevrolet segment of the race and street performance market, featuring fully CNC ported ports and chambers, with intake ports measuring 237cc and the chambers coming in at 68cc. The heads feature an angled spark plug position, with a 2.125-inch intake and 1.600-inch exhaust valve. The valve lengths measure +.200-300 on the intake and exhaust, depending on the install height.

Proudly made in the USA — as the All American naming indicates — this head flows 336cfm at .800 lift and 313cfm at .500 lift. It also utilizes a standard Small Block rocker arm and 1206 intake manifold gaskets.

According to Pro-Filer’s Michael Green, many customers have already built race engines in the neighborhood of 420 cubic inches using these heads that are well suited to boosted and nitrous applications in use in the straightline sport.

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