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Home-Built Hero: Gary Geiger's '70 Nova

Home-Built Hero: Gary Geiger’s ’70 Nova

Gary Geiger's '70 Nova is a true street beast that can hold its own on the drag strip. Find out what it takes to make this a true 10-second streeter. Spoiler alert: some parts are a little unconventional.Read More

Home-Built Hero: Dan Maybee's '66 Chevelle Malibu

Home-Built Hero: Dan Maybee’s ’66 Chevelle Malibu

Put together with reliabilty and drivability in mind, this '66 Chevelle is one dependable and really cool cruiser. Check out Dan Maybee's ride, and see what makes it this week's Home-Built Hero.Read More

Home-Built Hero: Chuck Grant's European-Inspired '55 Chevy

Home-Built Hero: Chuck Grant’s European-Inspired ’55 Chevy

Some guys' taste in automobiles will sometimes change over a period of time. One thing is certain though, they always come back. Chuck Grant is a perfect example of that, and revisited his past with a vengence.Read More

Home-Built Hero: Doug Mackenzie's '67 Chevelle Restomod

Home-Built Hero: Doug Mackenzie’s ’67 Chevelle Restomod

Doug MacKenzie didn't simply restore his '67 Chevelle, he rebuilt it and incorporated a few modern day upgrades. Check out how this '67 Chevelle could be considerd by many to be the perfect cruiser hot rod.Read More

Home-Built Hero: Dave Barth's '66 Nova

Home-Built Hero: Dave Barth’s ’66 Nova

The '66 Nova is a staple in the world of hot rodding - just look to this example as solid proof. Hailing from the great state of North Dakota, Dave Barth's Nova is a true show-winning Home-Built Hero.Read More

Home-Built Hero: Kim Eriksson's '71 Chevelle

Home-Built Hero: Kim Eriksson’s ’71 Chevelle

It's not often that we see American muscle that has traveled across the pond, but Kim Eriksson's Chevelle is proof that the hobby is alive and well - even in Sweden. Check out this big-block-powered asphalt buckler.Read More

Home-Built Hero: Dennis Rosa's First-Gen Upscale Monte Carlo

Home-Built Hero: Dennis Rosa’s First-Gen Upscale Monte Carlo

When Chevrolet introduced the Monte Carlo for 1970, It was considered an upscale ride for the affluent. Now however, that moniker now includes musclecar to go with upscale. Just ask Dennis Rosa.Read More

Home-Built Hero: A Bullet-Riddled 1956 Chevy Bel Air

Home-Built Hero: A Bullet-Riddled 1956 Chevy Bel Air

Does your hot rod have bullet holes in it? This '56 Bel Air is an example of old school coolness, right down to its bullet holes and cracked windows. It's a bare-bones classic hot rod to its core.Read More

Home-Built Hero: Tom Bandy's '66 Nova

Home-Built Hero: Tom Bandy’s ’66 Nova

Tom Bandy's Nova might look like a fresh restoration, but would you beleive it was painted back in 1981? Find out how he upgraded the drivetrain, and the rest of the details about this great-looking Chevy Deuce.Read More

Home-Built Hero: Michael Downing’s ’70 Chevelle Is Finally Complete

Home-Built Hero: Michael Downing’s ’70 Chevelle Is Finally Complete

We all understand that restorations take time. Our Hero this week is this 1970 LS5-powered Chevelle owned by Michael Downing. Check out this final series installment, and how his restoration reached completion.Read More

Home-Built Hero: Brandon MacDonald's '79 Camaro

Home-Built Hero: Brandon MacDonald’s ’79 Camaro

Brandon MacDonald is building his 1979 Z28 as a tribute to his father. Given to Brandon by the Patriarch of the family, the upgrades this Z28 is getting,would surely get the approval of the senior MacDonald.Read More

Home-Built Hero: Steve Roy's 2011 SS Camaro

Home-Built Hero: Steve Roy’s 2011 SS Camaro

Hot rodding is all about personal expression, and Steve Roy expresses himself with this 2011 Camaro. This late-model drop top features just about everything a car owner could want - and then some. Check It out.Read More

Home-Built Hero: JR Hughes And His '67 Nova Are Inseparable

Home-Built Hero: JR Hughes And His ’67 Nova Are Inseparable

Everyone has owned at least one car that that they wish they had held onto over the years. JR Hughes has done just that with his 1967 Nova. Find out how this Duece went from teenage hot rod to an adult dream ride.Read More

Home-Built Hero: Steve Erbs' 1961 Bubbletop Impala

Home-Built Hero: Steve Erbs’ 1961 Bubbletop Impala

Steve Erbs has a true Home-Built Hero, and his '61 Impala is something to be proud of. Find out how he was able to convince a "mean cuss" to sell the car, and how he bartered to finish this great-looking ride.Read More

Home-Built Hero: Walter Cravens' Tire-Shredding '71 Vega

Home-Built Hero: Walter Cravens’ Tire-Shredding ’71 Vega

Many people have forgotten all about swapping a V8 engine into a Vega. Let's face it, there are not many of Chevy's sub-compact cars still around. Walter Cravens has built one that delivers a new twist.Read More

Home-Built Hero: Terri Booth's '70 Monte Carlo

Home-Built Hero: Terri Booth’s ’70 Monte Carlo

Chevrolet's Monte Carlo was a true, upscale musclecar, especially when a big-block is under the hood. Terri Booth has a 1970 model that carries on that tradition. Check out this cruiser that she and her dad built.Read More

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