Video: EVERYTHING You Need To Know About The 2014 Silverado

The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado is finally here. In an effort to showcase what went into the all-new design and engineering of the Chevy Silverado, we’ve compiled a complete listing of testing videos directly from Chevrolet. These short and well-edited videos are packed full of details on what makes the upcoming Silverado a truck of the future to stand the test of time. We’ve got eleven videos right here and have included the description of each video.

Four wheel disc brake testing – There are disk brakes on all four wheels of the 2014 Silverado, so you getting consistent stopping power isn’t an issue, and they can last up to twice as long. Plus, these brake rotors are designed to help resist corrosion from off-roading.

Quiet cabin testing – Engineers worked to make sure the seal integrity of the all-new Silverado met expectations. The Silverado is quiet because it’s sealed well, so it’ll keep what’s outside out, and what’s inside in.

Extreme weather testing – Chevrolet runs testing to show how much the all-new 2014 Silverado can take. Anything that can happen in the real world can also happen in the tunnel. No matter what environment you want to take this truck to, it’s been tested and has proven it can hold up.

Body mounts testing – No matter what road you’re on, it’s important to keep the harshness of the road from the cabin. The new body mounts in the 2014 help prevent getting shutters and shakes from the road. Chevrolet put it to the test to make sure you always have a smooth ride.

Four wheel drive testing – With the all-new Silverado, you can switch to four wheel drive on the fly. Chevrolet put it to the test, so you’ll be confident in all driving conditions.

Rear axle testing – There’s a lot more power & torque in the all-new Silverado because of the new engine, so you can take on heavier loads. With heavier loads, you’ll need a rear axle that can keep up. Chevrolet put these to the test to show it’s ready for anything.

Structure durability testing – To make sure the structure of the all-new Silverado is durable, Chevrolet tested every detail in all types of environments – hot cold, humid, and ambient – to make sure it will last the stand of time.

Powertrain testing – With three new engines, the 2014 Silverado is built to last, and there’s an engine for any job you have in store.

Towing and hauling testing – Chevrolet tested the all-new Silverado in the mountains of Yuma, AZ, where the grades are extreme and the roads are windy, to prove it can do more than pickups have done in the past.

Confident driving – You can be confident while driving the all-new Silverado. Chevrolet tested it in Death Valley in extreme climate conditions, and the engines weren’t bothered at all.

Suspension testing – To help the new 2014 Silverado measure up to tasks like pulling trailers, hauling tools, and slogging through mud, engineers chose high-strength steels for the backbone of the new trucks. With fully boxed frames and high-strength steel, our drivers can rest easy knowing they’re safe.

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