We Build Our LS Swap Kit For Project ODB With BRP Hot Rods

What a time to be alive. The DIY approach to building a car or truck project is more common than ever, and LS swapping it has never been easier thanks to companies like BRP Hot Rods. The Cumming, Georgia-based company specializes in LS and LT conversions for a variety of vehicles ranging from tri-five Chevrolets and early Impalas to F-bodies, G-bodies, Corvettes, trucks and many other applications. If you have a GM vehicle chances are good that BRP Hot Rods has the parts you need to easily LS or LT swap it.

BRP Hot Rods

To put the BRP Hot Rods LS Swap Kit Builder to use we went through the entire process ourselves to assemble a complete swap package that we will be using to LS swap our ’96 Caprice. Look for this content coming soon to LSX Magazine.

What makes a swap kit from BRP great is that you can go to their site and by choosing components through a series of easy-to-follow menus you can build a complete swap kit to your liking. Case in point, we are going to be LS swapping our ’96 Chevy Caprice very soon, and we went through the BRP LS Swap Kit Builder to assemble a package that includes everything we need. To get the process started we selected the 1991-1996 B-Body LS category.

Moving along, the builder system has you choose the engine mounts and crossmember next, again we chose the 1991-1996 B-Body Conversion Kit and selected that ’96 Caprice. The next choice offered is red or black bushings followed by selecting the type of transmission you will be using and choosing a transmission adapter if your application requires one. Keeping things simple, we selected the 4L80E and no adapter.

BRP Hot Rods

As you can see, a BRP Hot Rods LS swap kit can be as complete as you want it to be. The packages are easily customizable to include as much or as little as you like.

With the engine and transmission mounting solutions taken care of, the next options available are for various components, including oil pans, headers, and accessory drive systems. BRP gives the option to pick and choose which accessories you will be running. For instance, those not running A/C can select that you only need the drive system to run the power steering and the alternator. Once all of the engine options have been selected, we need a way to control it, and BRP offers many solutions. You can choose from a variety of Gen 3 24x ECM, TCM, and harness packages or Gen 4 58x ECM, TCM, and harness packages.

BRP Hot Rods

Offering more than just mounting components and accessories, BRP has ECMs, TCMs, and harnesses to take care of controlling your LS engine and a variety of transmissions.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that as part of the Swap Kit Builder, there are options to choose a new fuel system that includes a fuel tank, pump, fittings, fuel lines, and filter kit. Additionally, BRP even offers a cooling system solution for their LS swap kits that can include a new radiator with or without fans.

When it comes to covering all the bases, BRP Hot Rods has handled all of the development to ensure that an LS swap can be performed easily and efficiently. BRP’s kits give customers the freedom to customize their packages to suit a specific application. Additionally, the team at BRP prioritizes domestic manufacturing and sourcing high-quality components that are all made in the United States. Visit the BRP Hot Rods site and take their Swap Kit Builder for a test run to see how easy it is for yourself, and stay tuned to LSX Magazine as we bring you along during the LS swap on our ’96 Caprice using a complete BRP Hot Rods LS Conversion Kit.

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