SEMA 2021: Vintage Air Now Offers Kits For ’81-’88 Monte Carlo

The SEMA Show is an event we look forward to every year. Last year was the first-ever virtual version, and it was a welcome distraction from all the craziness of 2020. Still, we were more than excited to make our way back to the Las Vegas Convention Center and return to our regularly scheduled programming – where the entirety of the automotive aftermarket convenes to showcase its wares and the world-class builds it produces alike.

This year, we caught up with a number of manufacturers, but one that really stood out to us was Vintage Air. As always, the brand’s booth did not disappoint. We caught up with Wayne Potter, the brand’s sales manager, and got the low-down on everything new from the Vintage Air.

This Vintage Air customer is rocking some serious cooling power in their killer G-body Monte Carlo, and so can you!

It’s a complete sure-fit system that removes all the OEM components except the dash vents. It comes with a stamped-steel firewall cover that goes over the firewall opening that was a little difficult to fabricate. This is because, on those cars, the firewall has some challenging curves and angles to deal with. So, the A/C, heat, and defrost become electronic with this kit.

It comes with a Sanden 508 compressor if you’re running the stock engine which runs off of a v-belt. But if you’re rocking an LS, they have LS brackets and pulleys.

What are some of the advantages of this system over the factory A/C on the Monte Carlo? “The factory A/C on the car is mostly all vacuum, ” says Wayne. So, that becomes increasingly important if you’re doing an LS swap because you don’t have vacuum to operate with, and if a lot of the old parts are missing, you might have difficulty replacing them. Being an all-electronic system, you can run any motor or engine combination.

It’s also got the newer-style condenser that utilizes R134A refrigerant instead of R12, which no one has anymore. It also cools much better than trying to use that old stuff. This system also uses high-pressure barrier hoses, and it’s a complete bolt-in. It comes with everything you would need to swap out or add A/C to a vehicle that previously didn’t have it. It comes with a new control panel that even goes into the stock location. Which is all electronic fly-by-wire, so no vacuum anymore.

The system also cleans up the engine compartment considerably. The black powdercoated firewall cover doesn’t protrude anywhere near as far as the factory box did, giving you much more room in the engine bay.

So, if you’re looking to up the cooling power of your A/C system and clean up the engine bay of a Monte Carlo project, check out

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