PRI 2023: Bradley Gray’s Wild 1965 Pro Street C10

Bradley Gray doesn’t believe in building subtle vehicles, you just need to check out his builds on the Blown Mafia Facebook page to see this. While most of Bradley’s rides are red and radical, his 1965 Chevy C10 truck is a bit different. Don’t let the dual 6-71 superchargers fool you, Bradley built this C10 to be a regular driver.

Bradley always admired the looks of the ‘60s C10 trucks and wanted to build one. The opportunity came up to purchase parts of a 1965 model was presented to Bradley, so he jumped at the chance to buy them for a project. Picking up the parts was just the beginning of the story behind Bradley’s truck.

“Well, I ended up buying the truck as a cab, the bed, and one door, that was it. I started collecting more parts to finish the build and turned it into a tubbed rolling chassis. Well, a gentleman approached me about the truck and he wanted it worse than I did. He offered to trade me a 1955 Chevy for the truck, and I took him up on that trade,” Bradley says.

The 1955 became Bradley’s new project and he got to work molding it into the vehicle he wanted it to be. A funny thing happened, the gentleman that Bradley had traded the C10 to lost interest in the project, so he bought it back from him so he could finish it. The problem is, the truck had been painted silver and everything Bradley owned was red, but he just decided to deal with the stunning silver paint job and work on other aspects of the truck.

Bradley worked with Donny Gibbs Jr. to finish the aluminum bed of the C10. So Fine Upholstery took care of the interior of the truck for Bradley, of course, they had to make sure plenty of red material was used. The rest of the mechanical work Bradley did himself.

The first thing you notice about Bradley’s C10 is the radical engine package. A 355 cubic-inch small-block Chevy sits in between the front fenders and is host to a pair of 6-71 superchargers. The blowers use two 750 cfm Holley carburetors to bring air and fuel into the engine. A Holley fuel system makes sure the go-go juice keeps flowing to the supercharged mill. Behind the small-block you’ll find a TH350 transmission that sends the horsepower back to a 9” rearend that’s filled with Moser axles.

Suspension-wise, Bradley kept everything fairly simple. The trailing arm-style rear suspension works with a pair of QA1 shocks. Up front, the OEM suspension remains in place and is matched with a set of lowering springs to give the truck a sweet stance. Nothing exotic at all, just functional parts that help the truck roll right on down the road.

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“Most of my other builds are pretty wild show cars, I wanted this truck to be a real driver, so don’t be fooled by the blowers. I’ll jump in this thing and drive it anywhere, it rides fine, and really gets a lot of attention. The truck turned out exactly how I wanted, and I haven’t really made any changes to it over the past 20 years since I got it done,” Bradley states.

If you’re going to announce your presence at a car show or cruise in, the whine of two 6-71 superchargers will get the job done. Bradley Gray’s C10 is a radical ride that will grab your attention as it rolls into a car show, or as it’s driving down the street. This truck is what Pro Street is all about, and it will never go out of style.

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