Veteran Seeks To Find His Stolen 1957 Chevy

To those with a clear conscience, it may be hard to understand the many reasons why someone would steal something from someone else. For the rest of society, there are simply opportunities. Such is the case with Gilbert, Arizona resident, Chris Frieburg’s stolen 1957 Chevy 150 which he has owned for two decades.

The story of Chris and his stolen 1957 Chevy first aired on Arizona’s Family news station KPHO Channel 3 about the car’s theft. The story explains that at first, Chris thought there must be some misunderstanding, but soon realized that his prized 1957 Chevy, the one he co-owned with a now-deceased close friend, was stolen.

The story states that Chris had work done to his home the week before the car’s disappearance. It is uncertain if there is a connection, but a neighbor’s security camera shows the footage of how the two thieves backed into the Frieburgs’ yard at around 10:30 in the morning two weeks ago with a rollback, and within minutes, the stolen 1957 Chevy was headed to parts unknown.

stolen 1957 Chevy on rollback

Chris had the car parked in his backyard. The brazen thieves pulled the vintage Chevy onto a rollback and whisked it away in under 10 minutes.

Chris and the Gilbert Police are searching for the classic tri-five Chevy and are asking anyone with information about the car’s whereabouts to contact the local authorities. The truck used in the heist was located a short time afterward, but there are still many questions as to where the car might be located, and why it was stolen in the first place.

1957 Chevy four-door

There isn’t much information in the story to help identify the car. But, if anyone notices a four-door, black 1957 Chevy riding on a set of Rally wheels new to their area, perhaps it might be a lead to solve the case.

Chris states that he isn’t interested in the robbers’ reasoning, he just wants his stolen 1957 Chevy back. Whether it makes sense to sensible citizens or not, there are a myriad of reasons why some unscrupulous people might sink to such low morals. The car appears to have a lot of valuable parts, and a shipping container could serve as a great way to deliver them to equally unscrupulous buyers overseas.

We recently reported on a family’s Chevelle that was stolen, and as the values of these vintage cars continue to climb, we doubt this trend will end any time soon. We truly hope that Chris finds his ’57 Chevy. For the rest of us, it serves as a reminder to keep a close eye on anything you’d like to keep.

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