Chevy Hardcore Springtime Buyer’s Guide

It’s that time of year again! That magical time when flowers start blooming, enthusiasts are dusting off their rides, and one-day-only sales begin on products we never knew we needed. We wanted to be sure you had every opportunity to fill your toolboxes with some of the latest, and greatest stuff your friends will never believe you bought. We’ve compiled this 2024 Springtime Buyer’s Guide so you don’t have to spend hours scouring the interwebs. But don’t delay! These great products are only available today!

Blinker Fluid

2024 buyer's guide: blinker fluid

If you’ve ever had to jam on the brakes because another driver cut in front of you without signaling, you’ve experienced first-hand the dangers of changing lanes without using the vehicle’s blinker. You may also be guilty of cutting off the driver behind you, even though you used your turn signal.

If your vehicle was low on blinker fluid, your directional signal may not have been activated completely. To prevent problems like this, keep a bottle of blinker fluid on hand and you’ll always be able to keep your blinkers in top working condition. Top quality, full-synthetic blinker fluid is available at many auto parts stores, and it can be ordered from Amazon.

Spark Plug Electrode Polish

2024 Buyer's Guide: electrode polish

Changing your car or truck’s spark plugs regularly will keep the engine running at peak efficiency. That means more power, lower emissions, and better fuel economy. However, changing spark plugs is time-consuming and expensive, so it makes sense to apply a coat of Symoniz spark plug electrode polish before installing a new set of plugs. Cleaned and polished electrodes will provide maximum spark efficiency and prolong plug life. Polished spark plug electrodes will also bring you extra points at car shows.

New For Our 2024 Buyer’s Guide: Muffler Bearings

Nothing beats the deep, throaty sound of a Chevy V8 engine exhaling through a set of headers and a high-performance exhaust system. Once only installed in aftermarket “Turbo” mufflers, today’s high-performance autos enjoy increased performance, thanks to the friction-reducing properties of modern ceramic-basalmic ball bearings in their OEM mufflers. But if the muffler bearing has failed, that beautiful exhaust sound will be replaced with an annoying screech, sounding very similar to an inline four import engine at 12,000 RPM through a hack-sawed, one-inch exhaust system.

To get your performance back and your exhaust sounding great again, just head over to your favorite speed shop and ask for the latest in muffler bearing technology. Then, you can replace the failed muffler bearing with a new, high-quality sealed, pre-lubed, and hermetically sealed ball bearing. All muffler bearings are not the same so be sure to specify a high-quality sealed bearing, such as the ones offered by Fast Eddy Bearings. Disclaimer: Fast Eddy parks his warehouse in multiple locations and only accepts cash. Typical business hours occur whenever his trunk is open.

Tuned-Port Inductorator

2024 Buyer's Guide: Tuned-Port Inductorator

The Tuned-Port Inductorator made our buyer’s guide by the skin of its individual runner tubes. Due to the scarcity of production models, we could only obtain a grainy photo from a vehicle as it was driven by Elvis and Bigfoot.

Continuing its long tradition of creative tuning innovation, Digital EFI has introduced the Tuned-Port Inductorator, a system that combines the complexity of electronic fuel injection with the inefficiency of carburetion. Eliminating the need for expensive electronic fuel injectors and complex control systems, the Tuned-Port Inductorator incorporates a traditional four-barrel carburetor for fuel and air control and a Tuned-Port intake manifold for enhanced torque output. Although it may lack the sophistication of an electronic system, the Tuned-Port Inductorator brings trailing-edge fuel metering technology into the 21st Century. Currently, Tuned-Port Inductorators are available for 1955-1992 small-block Chevy engines. A second version, the LSX-Inductorator is scheduled for another buyer’s guide at a future date.

Turbo Encabulator

Now in its third generation, and according to this promotional video, “The Turbo Encabulator has perfected the crudely conceived idea of a transmission that not only supplies inverse reactive current for use in unilateral phase detractors, but would also be capable of automatically synchronizing cardinal grammeters. The principle involved is that instead of power being generated by the relative motion of conductors and fluxes, it is produced by the modial interaction of magneto-reluctance and capacitive diractance.” For complete details, watch the video, and be sure to take notes. There WILL be a test.

Multi-Lingual Adjustable Wrench

2024 Buyer's Guide: global adjustable wrench

Thanks to a team of multi-linguists and online translators, the world now has a multi-lingual adjustable wrench that will work in either inches, millimeters, or Whitworth units of measure!

No self-respecting buyer’s guide would be complete without some tools. The handy adjustable wrench has been a welcome addition to many toolboxes for generations. With the widespread global acceptance of this fastener-rounding tool, there has been a need for variants adapted to accurately work on both sides of the pond. Scores of service technicians who live near a border between differing units of measurement have often, been required to carry both Imperial and Metric tools to be adequately prepared for work.

Now, thanks to many nations publicly admitting that each other exists, the overly adjustable wrench can now be utilized more efficiently by service techs who choose to use the Imperial, Metric, and Whitworth units of measurement. The realization that an adjustable wrench could serve a variety of measurements heralds a new era of fixing things. Now, if we could figure out a way to install a battery in this wrench to quickly adjust it to each fastener for you. We’ll keep an eye on the evolution of this wrench and let you know as technology progresses.

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