BAT Wagon: 1957 Chevy Handyman With 327 Power

The 1950s were a golden age for American automobiles, and the Chevrolet Handyman wagon stood as a symbol of that era’s prosperity and optimism. Blending practicality with style, two-door wagons were the chariot of choice for families and small business owners. We were perusing the “Station Wagon” category on Bring a Trailer and saw a very nice 1957 Chevy Handyman station wagon. Let’s take a closer look at a nicely restored 1957 Chevrolet 210 wagon, and it just might make you forget about its fancier Nomad sibling.

From Humble Beginnings to Modern Restomod

Originally introduced in 1955, the Handyman filled a niche for a more affordable and utilitarian wagon within Chevrolet’s lineup. The 1957 model saw a significant redesign, boasting a longer wheelbase, a wider body, and the now-legendary tailfins shared with its stablemates. This particular 210 Handyman underwent a meticulous restoration in 2017, transforming it from a vintage grocery-getter to a modern machine.

Red Hot and Refreshed

The eye-catching exterior is sprayed out in a scarlet red that nicely complements the interior swathed in tan leather upholstery. Chrome embellishes the body, from the dagmar-esque front bumpers to the stylish trim, some of which were replaced during the restoration. The car has a vintage stance paired with 15-inch Cragar SS wheels. No Roger Rabbit Toontown wagon wheels were found here.

Modern Touches for Timeless Comfort

Step inside and experience vintage vibes with modern conveniences. The late-model tan seats and most interior surfaces are stitched up in leather. Vintage Air ensures year-round comfort, while a custom center console adds a touch of functionality the old interior never had. Lap belts have been added for the front occupants, providing modern safety precautions.

Power and Performance to Match the Looks

This Handyman isn’t just about aesthetics. Under the hood reveals an updated 327 cubic-inch V8, a significant upgrade from the original engine. Paired with a TH350 three-speed automatic transmission, this wagon can hustle with modern cars in freeway traffic. Power steering and brakes make this old sled easy to handle around town.

A Legacy Reborn

This old Handyman wagon would make a nice daily driver and a great Costco runner. If we bought it, we’d lower the car and put 16″ Rallyes and redlines on it in a jiffy. You could drive it as is too.  Last but not least, a new Tahoe is 80 grand these days. We don’t know how high this Handyman will be bid up to, but this would make a great Tahoe substitute and look way cooler in the supermarket parking lot.


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