EFI-Ready 1969-72 Chevy Blazer Fuel Tank

1969-72 Chevy Blazer fuel tank

Today’s EFI-controlled vehicles are designed to utilize all the benefits of fuel injection. Now, thanks to Tanks Inc. your 1969-72 Chevy Blazer can be built to handle all the benefits of fuel injection as well, including a quiet, in-tank GPA-Series fuel pump, EFI-style internal baffling, and an accurate fuel level sending unit.

These new EFI-ready fuel tanks for 1969-72 Chevy Blazer and GMC Jimmy trucks are constructed of die-stamped, galvanized steel which is then powder-coated silver for a long-lasting finish. Each 18-gallon tank features an internal baffling with an extra-large 4.8-liter, dual-tube fuel tray to prevent fuel pump starvation when turning or on excessive inclines.

Chevy Blazer fuel tank

The tank comes with flanges for mounting to the Chevy Blazer or GMC Jimmy frame. Installer needs to drill the necessary holes and fasteners.

Each Tanks Inc. Chevy Blazer fuel tank is available with a variety of Tanks’ GPA-Series fuel pumps, ranging from 109 to 450 liters per hour of fuel delivery. There are also 5-bolt-style fuel level sending units available in multiple Ohm ranges for use with the vehicle’s OEM or aftermarket gauges.

This new fuel tank for Chevy Blazer and GMC Jimmy comes ready for EFI applications and features a 5-bolt sending unit applicable with OEM or aftermarket gauges.

These new Blazer and GMC Jimmy fuel tanks measure 28 inches by 20 1/2 inches and are 9 3/4 inches tall (not including mounting flanges. They also feature the OEM-style 1 1/2-inch curved filler neck to allow for easy filling. This new Chevy Blazer fuel tank is designed to bolt up to the bottom side of the frame rails but can be mounted in different configurations (on top or in between the rails). Final mounting is up to the installer, allowing them to drill and locate the mounting holes for a perfect fit. Mounting hardware is not included. Check out these new 1969-72 Chevy Blazer fuel tanks from Tanks Inc. You’ll see why, when adding EFI to your ride, an EFI-ready fuel tank is not only simpler but a better option than an old, converted, stock tank.

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