PRI 2023: Strange’s New Hall Effect Driveshaft Sensor Kit

Strange Engineering has long been known as a leader in drivetrain components that help racers win races and high-powered street cars keep on the road. Recently, the company released new driveshaft speed sensor kits that utilize a high-precision Hall Effect sensor.

The company currently offers magnetic collars, but it has coupled the Hall Effect sensor with a 40-tooth reluctor ring to deliver a much higher resolution.

“We still offer magnetic collars with one, two, four, and eight teeth,” says Strange Engineering’s Joe Cascio. “The computers want to see in multiples of eight and 40 was what comfortably fit on the ring and allowed us to keep a good amount of gap between the teeth.”

driveshaft speed sensor

The driveshaft speed sensor features a stainless-steel housing and industry-standard 3/8-24 threaded body. It requires 4.5 to 26 volts of DC power. According to Strange, it has proven to be reliable in Top Fuel cars, arguably the king of vibration-makers, and is made in the USA.

For a stout and reliable connection, Strange Engineering equipped the new driveshaft sensors with a Deutsch DTM plug and included a mating Deutsch DTM receptacle and pins.

These new sensors are available for Ford 9-inch, Ford 8.8, Dana 60, and Chevy 12-bolt rearends, with the last three requiring the use of Strange Engineering’s chromoly yoke, as it has a specially machined landing for the ring to press onto. Regarding fitments for the 9-inch rearend, Strange offers large stem (2.125-inch) and small stem (1.812-inch) options.

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