Edelbrock Chills Temps With FAST LSXHR Intercooler

FAST (Fuel Air Spark Technology) has expanded its LSXHR line with the introduction of an innovative air-to-water intercooler. Engineered as an optimal solution for cooling the air charge on LS-based centrifugal-supercharged or turbocharged engines, this intercooler is specifically designed for compatibility with popular Hi-Ram style intake manifolds such as the composite FAST LSXHR 103mm Intake Manifold.


The LSXHR air-to-water intercooler stands out as the ideal choice for mid-to-high-boost applications, offering a remarkable combination of cooling capacity and minimal pressure drop across the core. One of its standout features is the large -16AN water inlet/outlet, providing a cooling performance that meets the demands of high-powered engines.

Unlike traditional intercooler styles that necessitate remote mounting, requiring extensive piping fabrication from the supercharger or turbocharger outlet to the intercooler and back to the throttle body, the LSXHR intercooler takes a different approach. This design fits seamlessly between the upper and lower intake manifold, significantly reducing under-hood piping. The result is a simplified installation process that saves both time and cost.



Adding to its appeal is the intercooler’s sturdy welded-billet construction, ensuring durability and longevity. The O-ring sealing on both the air and water sections guarantees worry-free operation, preventing leaks and maintaining optimal performance. The intercooler is finished in a durable black powder-coat finish, combining aesthetics with functionality.



To validate its performance, extensive testing was conducted on a 1,350 HP turbocharged LSX application running approximately 20 psi of boost. The results were nothing short of impressive, showcasing a significant 198-degree Fahrenheit drop in air temperature and less than 1 psi loss across the intercooler.

For enthusiasts considering this upgrade, it’s important to note that FAST Short Stack Runners (PN 146074) are required when using this intercooler with the LSXHR 103mm Intake Manifold ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Key Features & Benefits of the LSXHR Air-to-Water Intercooler:

  • Key Features Of The LSXHR Air-To-Water Intercooler

    • Convenient placement minimizes under-hood piping
    • Large -16AN water inlet/outlet for optimal cooling capacity
    • Welded billet construction for durability
    • O-ring sealing on both air and water sections for worry-free operation
    • Necessary hardware included for a hassle-free installation
    • Durable black powder-coat finish for a sleek appearance

The FAST LSXHR air-to-water intercooler offers a large upgrade in cooling efficiency in high-performance engines. Its excellent design not only delivers exceptional performance but also simplifies the installation process, making it worthy of consideration by enthusiasts seeking the perfect blend of increased power and convenience. For more information on the LSXHR intercooler visit Edelbrock’s site here.

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