SEMA 2023: Deatschwerks’ New Pumps Are Powerhouses

Not one to simply go with the flow, Deatschwerks is always working to improve its line of fuel supply components and develop new parts to satisfy the fuel demands of enthusiasts’ high-performance engines. For this year’s SEMA Show, Deatschwerks has several new options for fuel pumps. Each of the new pumps is a great addition to the Deatschwerks lineup and is packed with features.


The new DW420 is a 39-millimeter form factor pump that flows 420 liters per hour. That makes the DW420 Deatschwerks’ highest-flowing 39 mm in-tank pump. Although it shares the same body dimensions as Deatschwerks’ DW300, DW200, and DW100 pumps, the DW420 packs features that help it achieve over 400 liters per hour. Inside, it has an impeller that has been optimized for peak efficiency at the target flow rate. The internal components have been designed and tested for increased durability when used with e85 and race fuels. The DW420 also features an integrated check valve to keep the fuel system pressurized and avoid hard starts. Additionally, due to it fitting the 39 mm form factor, the DW420 can be utilized in a double-pump configuration using Deatschwerks’ X2 dual pump module depending on your fueling needs.


The big news from Deatschwerks at this year’s SEMA Show was the launch of the DW810. If you’re wanting to make big horsepower, this is a pump to consider. It’s a brushless fuel pump that flows 810 lph at 40 psi fuel pressure and is capable of flowing as much as 682 lph at 80 psi fuel pressure (at 13.5 volts). With the absence of brushes or a commutator, the DW810 offers ultimate durability. Additionally, it is compatible with pump gas, race fuels, methanol, and ethanol. The DW810 includes multiple fitting choices so you can plumb your fuel system to your liking. Also included with the pump is Deatschwerks’ universal bulkhead harness and installation kit. Its compact size allows the DW810 to be used in a double- or triple-pump configuration if you want to go overkill on your fuel system. The DW810 does require a controller that is not included, but Deatschwerks offers single-speed, dual-speed, and PDM controllers for its brushless pumps. So choose the controller that best fits your application and have a complete fuel pump solution for your needs.

Along with its new pumps, Deatschwerks had new fuel rails to fit popular vehicles and continues to expand its line of rails to cover more vehicles. On display at SEMA, they had fuel rails for 1999 to 2017 GM trucks and 2021 to 2023 Coyote-powered F150 trucks. These rails include mounting brackets, a .125-inch NPT port for sensors, gauges, or nitrous fuel line feed, and are compatible with either OEM or Deatschwerks EV14 fuel injectors. The rails are hard anodized so they are compatible with alternative fuels and all hardware is stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance.

If you are building a fuel system for your hot rod or race car, or want to upgrade your existing fuel system Deatschwerks’ complete line of components can handle your horsepower needs. For more information on these new fuel system components or any of Deatschwerks’ products visit their site at

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