Restomod Done Right: A Really Cool 1964 Corvette

The Chevrolet Corvette is America’s sports car, and it has ascended to iconic status in the automotive world. Some of the most sought-after Corvettes come from the C2 era. A numbers matching C2 is worth an enormous amount of money, but not every one of these cars is a rare gem. In this video from V8 Speed & Restoration, we get to see a rough example of a 1964 Corvette get polished into a shining diamond.

Corvette purists’ shudder when they see someone putting heavy custom touches on a C2. This particular 1964 Corvette was delivered to V8 Speed & Restoration with a different engine, an interior that was in disarray, and a body that needed some TLC. It would have been very difficult and expensive to bring this Corvette back to its original form.

Since the owner wasn’t worried about a full restoration, that allowed for plenty of liberties to be taken with the car. The OEM suspension was removed and replaced with new parts from Global West. An upgraded set of brakes were bolted up to each corner of the Corvette to improve its stopping abilities. The Edelbrock crate was revitalized with a Holley Sniper EFI system that the shop added to the small block.

The Corvette received some much-needed fiberglass repair work before the painting process could begin. A layer of Ermine White was sprayed on the Corvette before the three-color custom stripe job was applied. The final result is a tasteful one-of-a-kind paint job that looks great on the Corvette.

Make sure you check out the entire video from V8 Speed & Restoration so you can see all the custom work that went into this C2 custom restomod.

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