Dakota Digital’s SGI-100BT Will Bring Your Tach And Speedo to Life

You’ve spent a considerable amount of time planning your engine build and made it look perfect sitting between the fenders of your ride, but did you account for how you’ll set up your tachometer or speedometer? If you haven’t figured out your gauges yet don’t worry, Dakota Digital can help you out. Dakota Digital’s SGI-100BT signal interface is a magical box that can make sure you know how fast you’re going and how many RPMs your engine is spinning.

The SGI-100BT combines several of Dakota Digital’s signal interface devices into one unit. You can use the SGI-100BT to adjust, split, or recalibrate an electronic signal from a speed sensor so it can be used for a speedometer. If you need to calibrate a tachometer, the SGI-100BT can do that as well. The footprint of the SGI-100BT is just 4”x2”x1”, so it can be mounted anywhere in the cabin of your vehicle.

One of the nice things about the SGI-100BT is how easy it is to wire and program. You only need to feed the SGI-100BT 12-volt power, ground it, and then use the built-in terminal strips to set your outputs. The terminal strips are well-marked, so you don’t have to create your own wiring system. You can program the SGI-100BT with its onboard programming buttons and LED display, or you can use the app that Dakota Digital developed.

The SGI-100BT can be configured to work with multiple devices, and it has a built-in electronic pull-up that will work with a high or low-voltage input. The tachometer can be set up to work with 1–16-cylinder engines, and 5 or 12-volt signal types. This video from Dakota Digital provides some great information about all the things the SGI-100BT can do and how it can be programmed.

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