L5P Duramax Tuning Made Easy With Superchips Flashpaq

Until now, there weren’t many options for tuning a 2020 through 2022 L5P GM Duramax. If you did want to tune your engine, you needed to remove the ECM and send it out to a tuner and then wait for it to come back. But that has changed, and Duramax tuning is easy now that Superchips has released the Flashpaq performance programmer (P/N: 2848-DS1).

This hand-held tuner now includes hardware and software to unlock your ECM and the TCM at home. There is no need to send them out for tuning. The Flashpaq contains tunes engineered with the daily driver, heavy tower, and enthusiast in mind.

Once the ECM and TCM are unlocked with the included software and harnesses (a one-time operation to the vehicle), the pre-loaded tunes can be flashed into the truck to fine-tune it for daily driving, towing, fuel mileage, or all-out performance. At its maximum power level, the Flashpaq for the L5P Duramax can add up to 150 horsepower and 350 ft-lbs of torque without ever turning a wrench. Superchips also realize that reliability is critical, and their tuning has gone through extensive testing for performance gains without putting undue stress on an otherwise stock truck.

Duramax tuning

Flashpaq (P/N: 2848-DS1) now includes hardware and software allowing installers to unlock the ECM and TCM on their own, which means you’ll be tuning your truck in minutes, with no vehicle downtime shipping parts back and forth. It has never been easier to add real power to an L5P Duramax.

A notable feature is the ‘Keep Drive Modes’ function which will remember your last settings for Exhaust Braking, Tow/Haul mode, and Grade Braking. This means you no longer have to manually turn them on every time you restart your truck.

Flashpaq also offers the ability to adjust throttle-pedal sensitivity in the device’s menus with the built-in Throttle Booster feature while loading the selected tune. Every owner has their own preferences in pedal response, and with Flashpaq for 2020 through 2022 GM Diesel, you be able to set it exactly how you want it. Flashpaq allows an increase in throttle sensitivity from 0 to 50-percent above our calibration to optimize your driving experience.


  • Preloaded with Four levels of power: Heavy Tow (50hp/100tq), Mileage XS 75hp/160tq), Performance Tow (90hp/180tq), and Performance (125hp/275tq)
  • Tunes 10-speed Allison transmission
  • Speedometer Adjustment for Tire Size (26-38-inches) and Gear Ratios (3.42-5.13)
  • Adjustable throttle pedal sensitivity (5-50-percent boost)
  • Commands Mobile/Manual DPF Regeneration cycles
  • Perform Adaptive Transmission Relearn
  • “Remember Last Setting” function for Exhaust Brake, Grade Braking, and Tow/Haul mode
  • Speed Limiter
  • Idle UP – 600-1,800 rpm (temporary for winch/elec. Accessories)
  • High-Definition 2.8-inch Color Screen with Easy Navigation
  • Vehicle parameter monitoring capabilities and Advanced Data Acquisition (PIDs)
  • Read and Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Internet updateable with all-new update software via USB
  • Powerful processor for fast reading and writing of ECM

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