Forgeline Wheels Are The Epitome Of American Made

As automotive enthusiasts, we typically have an interest in how the components of a car or truck are made. Wheels may not be at the top of the list but when looking at the types of high-performance and racing wheels available it is interesting to see the technology behind the production of some of the best wheels on the market. Forgeline has been at the peak of automotive wheel performance for 30 years, and they are proud to offer an American-made product that looks great and performs with the best in the world. Let’s take a look at three types of wheels they offer to see how they’re made.


The first type of wheel is probably the one that enthusiasts are most familiar with, the three-piece wheel. It should come as no surprise that Forgeline produces its three-piece wheels from three main components. The center is milled from solid forged 6061 T6 aluminum disks that Forgeline sources in the United States. The solid discs are cut in Haas CNC machines to be one of the many wheel designs Forgeline offers.

The center receives threaded bolt holes that get Helicoils installed in them so the wheel can be disassembled and reassembled as needed with no danger of pulling the threads out. The other two pieces of the wheel are the wheel halves. There’s an inner and an outer half that are spun aluminum shells sourced from California. Forgeline assembles its three-piece wheels using ARP stainless steel hardware exclusively.

The second type of wheel Forgeline produces and is possibly most known for is its one-piece forged monoblock wheels. As the name implies, the monoblock wheels are made from a single forging of 6061 T6 aluminum. These raw forgings are sourced here in the USA and weigh approximately 140 pounds before they enter the CNC machines. The first CNC machine is a lathe that cuts the forging into the shape of a wheel, and the second machine will do the final milling of the wheel to cut the spokes, lug nut holes or center lock hole, and other details.

Forgeline’s forged monoblock wheels can be found on the race cars of the world’s elite teams. “Our goal from the beginning was to always be on the top race cars on the planet,” Forgeline President, Dave Schardt says. “We feel like we’ve gotten there through all these years, and we want to continue to get more teams.” The forged monoblock wheels from Forgeline offer incredible stiffness while remaining lightweight. The perfect combination for maximum performance on the track and the street.

If you want the ulimate in lightweight, strength, stiffness, and durability the forged monoblock wheel is going to get you there. — Dave Schardt, President Forgeline

The third type of wheel is the newest offering from Forgeline. It is a two-piece wheel that utilizes a forged aluminum center bolted to a carbon fiber barrel. The wheel center is created just like the centers of Forgeline’s three-piece aluminum wheels where it starts as a 40-pound forged 6061 aluminum blank and is cut in the Haas CNC machines. The center features the same bolt holes with helicoils that are on the three-piece wheel centers.

The extremely lightweight carbon fiber wheel barrels are one of the only components Forgeline sources that don’t come from the USA. These barrels are produced by Dymag Performance Wheels in the United Kingdom — a leader in carbon fiber wheel technology. The wheel center is bolted to the carbon fiber barrel using ARP stainless steel hardware.

When talking about American-made products Forgeline is in a league of its own. All of the forged aluminum wheel blanks and center blanks are sourced in the United States along with the other components like the helicoils and ARP hardware. Additionally, Forgeline exclusively uses Haas CNC lathes and mills in its facility, which are American-made machines. From the raw materials to the equipment used to machine the wheels, to the final product and employees, Forgeline is the epitome of “American Made” and its owners, Dave and Steve Schardt, wouldn’t have it any other way.

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