Unleash Your C10 Pickup With A New ExtReme Street Chassis

There are many chassis upgrades and components designed to improve the ride and drivability of a car or truck. But, if you want to unleash all the potential of your Chevy C10 truck, you’ll need to go to the ExtReme. Speedtech Performance’s ExtReme Street Chassis was designed specifically to do just that.

Engineered around the company’s ExtReme track-proven suspension system, this new ExtReme Street chassis for 1967-1972 Chevy C10 trucks brings all the go-fast goodies into a complete rolling chassis. Excelling as a track-proven suspension system, this new ExtReme Street chassis features modern components and geometry to help your C10 truck equally tame the open road.

This new ExtReme Street chassis was engineered around the Speedtech Performance ExtReme track-proven suspension system, which is joined together by one of the industry's strongest frames.

As a clean-slate approach to creating the ultimate C10 chassis, this new chassis offers unparalleled ride quality and performance and allows massive tires to be tucked under the fenders. Derived from the pro touring arena, the track-proven torque arm rear suspension also delivers superior comfort, handling, and predictability. The torque arm provides improved load transfer with less binding during acceleration and braking, giving it a significant advantage over a four-link design for street use. The rearend’s nine-inch housing and 31-spline axles are built to handle up to 800 horsepower and the differential is available with your choice of final drive ratio.

Thanks to a full complement of QA1 Ultra Ride adjustable coilovers, you can tailor both the ride characteristics and the right height of your truck to suit your tastes perfectly. You can fine-tune your look with an adjustable ride height range of 4 to 7 inches in the front and 5 to 9 inches in the rear.

ExtReme Options & No Street Compromises

Take your C10 to the next level with a variety of options including sway bars, engine mount kits, double adjustable shocks, gas tanks, and more. There are adjustable urethane engine and transmission mounts available, designed for small-block, big-block, LS, or LT engine applications. Speedtech also offers stainless steel 1 7/8-inch headers to accommodate most engine installations. This new ExtReme chassis also allows the option of several brake packages from Wilwood or Baer brakes, including the use of an additional parking brake.

The entire chassis has been engineered for options and adjustability. Everything from engine and transmission mounts to setting the geometry for the front and rear suspensions can be done easily without disassembly.

Many characteristics that make for a great handling chassis also provide excellent road-handling capabilities. This extremely sturdy frame keeps steering geometry in line while turning and keeps those precise settings throughout the suspension’s range of travel. The chassis’ sturdy urethane bushings also isolate road noise and vibration from the C10 truck’s occupants during long stretches of open highway.

Internal gusseting maximizes the torsional stiffness of the frame for exceptional handling and control. The chassis bolts directly to stock body mounts, requiring no modifications to your floor pan or tunnel, although the bed will need to be raised slightly.

When new, Chevy’s C10 truck was designed as a utilitarian workhorse, its main focus was to move goods and products. Comfort was not much of a consideration, save for the occasional sun visor or cigarette lighter. With this new Speedtech Performance chassis, you can take your C10 truck’s handling to the extreme without compromising comfort and daily drivability, even on the longest of drives.

Speedtech's new ExtReme Street chassis for C10 trucks

The wait is over for a street-ready chassis that unleashes the full potential of your classic 1967-1972 short-bed GM truck. Check out all the options and benefits of the new ExtReme Street chassis by Speedtech Performance. And, stay tuned as Speedtech creates its Extreme Street chassis for other generations of classic GM trucks.

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