Shift Into Overdrive With A Tremec TKX Five-Speed

One of the most significant improvements you can make to your car or truck is adding an overdrive transmission. These Tremec TKX five-speed overdrive transmission kits from Silver Sport Transmissions (SST) are just the ticket to improve your ride’s drivability, lower engine RPM, and boost your vehicle’s gas mileage.

These new EasyFit Tremec TKX overdrive transmission kits from SST can handle up to 600 lbs.-ft. of torque and 7,500 RPM shifts, so they’re beefy enough for most applications. Each kit is application-specific and SST’s engineers have done the necessary research, so you can be sure that everything fits. The new overdrive transmission is shipped with the factory-correct shifter location and most SST overdrive transmission kits include a new transmission crossmember, yoke, and transmission mount.

The beauty of an SST overdrive transmission kit is its flexibility. The Tremec TKX transmission is designed to work with mechanical or electronic speedometers and multiple shifter locations are engineered into the design to put the shifter in the OEM position for many applications.

The transmission features an STX short-throw shifter and a 2.87:1 gear ratio first with a fuel-sipping 0.6:1 ratio in high gear. The transmission is applicable with either hydraulic or mechanical clutch actuators and a roller-style pilot bushing keeps the 26-spline input shaft in line with the crankshaft at all times. Every SST overdrive transmission kit comes with a 12-month factory warranty and now, you can even order your new SST transmission kit directly through Summit Racing. Summit carries a variety of SST overdrive transmission kits, including:

  • 1955-57 Chevy
  • 1955-88 Corvette
  • 1963-72 GM C10 pickup
  • 1963-74 Chevy II/Nova
  • 1964-72 GM A-Body
  • 1967-81 Camaro/Firebird
  • 1965-70 Mustang
  • 1967-76 Mopar A-Body
  • 1967-74 Mopar B-Body
  • 1970-74 Mopar E-Body

Get your car or truck ready for the road ahead with an SST five-speed transmission from Summit Racing. You’ll not only feel the difference an overdrive transmission can make on the open road, but you’ll feel the benefit each time you pull up to the gas pump too!

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