Reader’s Ride: Micheal Cooper’s 1969 Pro Touring Chevelle


Micheal Cooper always dreamed of owning a classic muscle car such as this 1969 Pro Touring Chevelle SS. In 2020, that dream came true. This wasn’t just any Chevelle – originally, this Chevelle came with a big-block 396 engine and a four-speed transmission. But by the time Micheal got it, the car had already been upgraded with a mighty 600 horsepower LS7 engine from a Corvette. This powerful engine was paired with a T-56 Tremec transmission, making it a beast on the road.

Micheal didn’t stop there. He wanted the ultimate Pro Touring Chevelle, so he upgraded the suspension with a Speedtech Performance chassis. This made the car more stable, improved its handling, and made the A-body a force to be reckoned with. To make sure it could stop as well as it could go, Micheal installed a full complement of Wilwood brakes. At each corner, these brakes are surrounded by stylish BC Forged wheels. To ensure the power gets to the ground effectively, Micheal equipped the Chevelle with a Currie 12-bolt rearend, perfect for a high-powered, high-performance car like his Pro Touring Chevelle.

Inside, this 1969 Chevelle is just as impressive. Micheal went all-out with a custom white interior that wowed the judges at Holley’s recent LSFest West event in Las Vegas, Nevada. The car features a custom console that looks amazing, has a modern, but classic appearance, and adds to the car’s sleek design. A set of Dakota Digital gauges also provide a modern touch while giving Micheal all the information he needs while driving. Comfort was also a priority for Micheal. He installed a Vintage Air A/C system to keep the cabin cool on hot days. Whether he’s cruising the show field or driving his Chevelle on the open road, Micheal’s Pro Touring Chevelle is always comfortable.

For Micheal, his Chevelle isn’t just a car—it’s a statement. It combines classic muscle car looks with modern performance and comfort. Micheal is proud of his Chevelle and loves to share it with others. At the recent LSFest West event, Micheal’s Pro Touring 1969 Chevelle won the hearts of the judges, and it was granted the title of “Best of Show” during the event.

Micheal’s 1969 Pro Touring Chevelle is a perfect blend of old and new. It’s a car that honors the past while embracing the future. For Micheal, owning this Chevelle is a dream come true, and he can’t wait to see where it takes him next. Whether he’s on the road or participating in any number of car events, Micheal’s Pro Touring Chevelle is sure to turn heads and win hearts.

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