Reader’s Ride: Nick Bueckert’s 1990 Silverado

Nick Bueckert and his son Nicholas embarked on an ambitious project — restoring their 1990 Chevy Silverado from the ground up. This wasn’t just any truck; it was their project, and they were determined to turn it into something special.

First on their list was the engine. The tired, old 350 cubic-inch, first-generation small-block had to go. In its place, they installed a built 4.8-liter LS engine that produces approximately 400 horsepower! They didn’t stop there. A set of long-tube headers were added, running into a 3-inch stainless, true-dual exhaust system that dumped just over the rearend. Dual electric fans replaced the old, first-gen’s clutch fan, ensuring the engine keeps its cool. Nick reports there were numerous other upgrades added to make sure this engine was top-notch.

Next, the duo turned their attention to the rear of the truck. The old 3.42 open rearend was swapped out for a 4.10 positraction differential from Summit Racing. This upgrade would give their like-new 1990 Silverado better performance, making it more fun to drive. They also addressed the old 5-speed manual transmission by replacing it with a Tremec T56 Magnum 6-speed and a race-ready, speed-balanced drive shaft from American Powertrain.

Youthful Nicholas and his young-at-heart dad wanted their 1990 Silverado to look as good as it performed. So, they decided to lower the truck, dropping the front by 2 inches and the back by 4 inches. This gave the Silverado a sleek, aggressive stance. The paint job was another big task. They chose the original tri-color red paint to keep the classic look. The hard work paid off, and the truck looked stunning, just like it did when it was brand new.

To add the finishing touches, they installed new Weld Racing Ventura S104 20-inch wheels. A combination of polished, gloss black, and milled finishes, these wheels are both shiny and stylish, making their truck stand out even more. They also added new Nitto tires, 315/35/20 in the back and 245/45/20 in the front. These tires would provide excellent grip and improve the truck’s handling.

The younger and elder Bueckert took their 1990 Silverado stepside down to the bare bones to refinish the entire body with that lustrous, tri-color red paint.

Nicholas and his dad should be proud of all their hard work and the 1990 Chevy Silverado is now a beast on the road. The new LS engine provides plenty of power and the truck drives like a dream with its new gears and transmission. The lowered body, stylish wheels, and super-wide tires give it street cred from a mile away. Everywhere they go, people admire their rebuilt, red Silverado.

This old Chevy has a new life thanks to Nick and his son, and it’s more than just a truck now. It stands as a symbol of hard work, dedication, and the bond between a father and son. Restoring their 1990 Chevy Silverado has been a journey, but it wasn’t just about the upgrades or the power. This father-and-son team took an old, worn-out truck and turned it into a rolling masterpiece. What’s more, working together on the Silverado undoubtedly brought them closer together and gave them memories they’ll never forget.

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